Bags By Mimi

Bags to match your costume!!!!!

Ladies, every year we try to look as divaliciously sexy as possible on the road!
BUT... for us to accomplish this look, we need to bring extra sunblock, lip gloss, powder, oil absorbing sheets, wet ones,etc.

Where are we going to put all these things is the question?

You search and search in Wonderful World looking for that perfect, small bag that can match with your costume yet hold everything you need.

Solution....Draw string bags, for any Carnival!!!
I will be providing drawstring bags in varioustypes,colours and sizes to match your costume! You can simply tie them around your wrist or waist band and they'll be safe and sound through out your entire road experience!!!!

The bags range between
Drawstring pouches
Extra Small-
2"wide x 3.5" long  - ( $10.00)
4" wide and5" long - ($15.00)
5" wide and 6" long  -($20.00)
6"wide and 7" long - ($25.00)

Carnival Pouch (Fanny pack) starts at $50.00

Carnival waist pouches (fanny packs)
With a zip opening -$50.00
with a flap opening-$50.00
with zip and flap-$60.00

Carnival Knapsacks -$100

Bags can also be custom made to one's specification!
All bags will be lined, bags can be lined with different colours!

For more information email me at with subject " bags"

Bags can be done in almost any colour!!!! 

All strings come in either gold or silver, lining can be any of the available colour choices!

All prices are quoted in TT dollars.
Please note all prices listed are starting prices( i.e. just the bag alone)! Extras such as longer straps and embellishments can be added for an extra cost.
Colours are subject to fabric availability!

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