Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ray of Light and Spangled Continga bags!

So I've been working on some orders this past week. Here are two featured bags

A Large Ray of Light bag
Gold sequin material with gold lining, and straps.
Gold an silver sequin detail along with gold and clear rhinestones
Special puff paint detail also

Spangled Continga

blue sequin material with blue satin lining, silve string.
special spangled cotinga beads ( yes ppl the EXACT same beads from spangled cotinga)
and gold puff paint detil with a few loose sequins

Friday, August 29, 2008

Ruby Topaz Inspired bag

Yes Krissy T this one goes out to you lol!
This is a Ruby Topaz inspired bag!
Large bag
Purple lining

Deep Pink Satin on the outside
Gold sequin cord and purple/ deep pink and gold rhinestone detail this bag is on sale for $35.00 TT Contact me if you would like it.

(unfinished ocean whispers bag next to it!)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Caged Canary and green Honey Creeper Bags!

So I have been working on some of you guys bags! I have also made some changes, the bags will now either be satin or sequined fabric! the cotton was just a bit too drab! lol and as I showed in my previous post the large bag is a bit bigger and the previous large bag is now the medium bag!

This bag is a bag done for caged canary!

Pink satin on the outside, gold satin lined with chain and feather detail.

Green Honey Creeper
The bag is lined with green satin on the inside and green brocade ( due to no sequined cloth available in the green) with dark green, light green and gold sequin detail along with green and gold diamantes. This featured bag is a large bag also!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The new and improved large bag!

So ladies, I know we want to look our best on the road and we need things such as blotting sheets, powder, comb, lip color and much more and of course we can't forget the camera to take those memories of carnival with you forever! Thus why the large bag has now been increased! It's not much bigger but this extra space can just help you ladies out! The previous large bag is now the medium sized bag! The best part is the price remains the same!!

As some of you know, my sewing machine died on me, and thanks to God I got me a new machine! So I've been working of some samples, here's one to show! This bag is a blue sequined bag with matching lining and silver cord! There is also a little detail done on the bag!
So If you're interested email me at qith the subject "2K9 Bags"
Also this bag is on sale for $30TT contact me if interested

So Spice Site is back up

So yes people Spice's website is back up and you can now purchase your costume via Senvia or PayPal and the down payment is $170 us as stated in my FB message from Nicholas Pena
Greetings to new masqueraders and welcome back to our current users! Although this is all good and well I'm seeing what I hope is a site error for frontline costumes the bra sizes are 32 43 n 36 B...I know that has got to be a mistake! Spice need to fix that! PRONTO!

Spice is happy to introduce “THE SPICE ONLINE STORE.”

Our online payment system is now up & running. New members, you are invited to fill out the online application form & proceed with payments.

Spice Members who have already signed up but were unable to access the online payment system can now do so and proceed to confirm your order by filling our the application form again. This is only necessary to ensure that you, our valued masqueraders and Spice family members receive 100% satisfaction at all times.

The down payment of $170 US can be made via senvia or paypal IMMEDIATELY after placing your order and you will receive your official Spice ID number as soon as payment is received and has been verified.

Once again we would like to thank you for your co-operation and would like to welcome you to the Spice family and we look forward to seeing you on the road for Carnival 2009!


Best Regards,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh What a Calamity!!!!

In the worlds of another blogger oh what a calamity it was today with IP and their registration dramas!
Firstly their was a not sent out saying that it was open registration today, meaning both past and new masqueraders could register! Well unfortunately change of plans it is registration for past masqueraders but new masqueraders may be able to register.
Secondly registration was due to begin at 11:00am today and after some phone calls were made and questions asked, online registration was then revealed to be scheduled for 2p,online registration has yet to start. Thirdly prices only went up 11 am this morning!! Madness again!!
And to top it all off a power cut! lol that's right T&TEC muck up the scenes and registration had to be conducted manually i.e pen and paper, with cash only.

Lol it seems as though something following IPM lol they better say some prayers

But anyway in a serious note, to those of you going to register in IPM good luck to you and I wish you all the best!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And costume resale has begun!

So ladies and gentlemen keep checking your Carnival Junction because the first official For Sale Advertisement has been placed. The Lucky costume is...(drum roll please)
BRAZILIAN MACAW FRONTLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! I Could Put On Eyelashes!

So I've been trying to get this eyelash thing right for a while now, I've tried individuals and that was not working! So I had to go out last night and decided I needed to get this eyelash thing right. So I bought a pack of Red Cherry #73 eyelashes at Wonderful World for $15.00 and then ended up with She Gloo Eyelash Adhesive since the mall got flooded out and my usual booth that sells Ardell Lash Grip was inaccessible.

The Lashes looked good, no problem there and a lot of Make Up artists in Trinidad use Red Cherry

She Gloo Adhesive.
Since this is the first time I'm using it, i was skeptical, but at $30.00 I knew this thing had to be something good. So I bought it in Dark so if the glue gets on the lash it won't show up!

  • Sticks on great! Just put more glue on the edges than you would in the middle( Learning from mistake lol, thats why my own was sticking up in the corner lol)
  • Drys dark so it blends right in
  • Easily removable with make up remover or warm water(when liquid form only, like accidental spills and stuff).
  • It's Waterproof

  • Very messy, the glue literally just flows out, be careful!
  • Takes a while to get tacky, more than the 20 seconds marked on the box.

All in all I think She Gloo is a good buy! I would recommend it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Complimentary Bra Straps!

So as promised Fay did indeed send the complimentary bra straps to me, they just arrived today!They came packaged neatly inside a padded envelope.

In a resealable bag inside of a red organza drawstring pouch! I must say these bra straps are well made, very sturdy and are very comfortable!

Also very supportive! I would encourage persons to purchase a pair from Bra Straps Worldwide if ever needed or contact Fay at! Thanks A lot Fay! They are tres comfortable!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Veterans Newbies and Loyalists!!!!

It seems as though for Carnival 2009 everybody and their mother want to play in TRIBE. Thus, the 'newbies' are now getting to know the ropes of how the TRIBE systems work and are voicing their concerns about pre-registration and other issues.

Some veterans try to assist them however other blatantly voice their annoyance with these 'seemingly obnoxious fight down newbies' as one person has said. Although some newbies do get annoying asking questions that they have seen and heard the answers to a million times and running around like headless chickens, creating unnecessary hype and drama around TRIBE registration, does not mean veterans need to treat them with the least respect.

As a fellow blogger said last night, people feel as though having played in TRIBE earns them some sort of status. As though being a holder of a TLC card puts you above and beyond these people which you see as , 'pitiful newbies' , and argue that they should just settle for whats left and wait till they join the elite circle of TLC card member to earn that privilege to get their first choice! The blatant and outright disrespectful comments coming from TRIBE veterans are appalling as I watch them reply to posts showing off maturity levels of an eight year old!

I am sure this is not the qualities members of TRIBE expect their masqueraders to display, as though displaying TRIBE as some ultra elite entity! These people are big hard back people! Act like it! Stop acting like the two numbers in your ages added together! Also this new feeling that TRIBE is the BE ALL and END ALL of mas! Goodness! There are soo many other great bands to choose from this year with stunning presentations! And if you truly want a costume and you know you have a common size try the costume resale market! Head on over to Carnival Junction and watch those ads like a hawk! Believe me it will be flooded with ads as half the people rushing to play with TRIBE cannot afford to pay the rest!

This also brings me to this silly war with TRIBE AND IP masqueraders....
What in the hell are you guys quarreling about?I mean really when and why did this silly war even start? Since when bands cutting off eachother?! So Tom find TRIBE service superior but Dick find IP have better costumes and allyuh start to bicker!Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it has reached a stage beyond our control where once a person says one thing about IP or one thing about TRIBE, the loyalists come out the lion den to tear you apart!So what if you like IP for their costume?! So what if you like TRIBE cause of service?! That is YOUR opinion, just say ok cool and keep it moving! All of this unnecessary drama and for what? Dane and Dean still getting allyuh money!!!

This whole issue of Loyalists, Veterans and Newbies has gotten way out of hand and is annoying me and other masqueraders. I am getting tried of the registration malais, the IP designs better than TRIBE, the who stole whose designer, the whole stole whose design? that who more stush/stoosh than the other!

SPICE FB Message

Message from Nicholas Pena on behalf of SPICE Facebook Group

Hello to all you Spice crew members.

Just wanted to thank you all for the overwhelming response that we have gotten thus far.

We have some sections that are already sold out so this is just an indication of what is still available and what is not.

Mediterranean Borage - SOLD OUT!!
Melilot Bleu - SOLD OUT!!
Brown Sugar (Frontline) - SOLD OUT!!
Paprika (Frontline) - SOLD OUT!!

All other sections are available via registration on site @ Spice's camp or our Online Application form.

Anyone who has registered for the above sold out sections prior to this msg. has made it in time to get the costumes of your choice (exhale now) *phew*... lol.

Many Thanks,
Spice Team.

AH PASS CAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ppl !!! I did it!! I Passed CAPE With a DISTINCTION in Communication studies, one in Sociology and three's in MOB and Accounting BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNIVERSITY HERE I COME!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spice news!

So I heard from a birdie, that appearantly the sold out section in SPICE Mediterranean Borage is being reopened! Due to people who registered online not paying for their costume on the deadline date, the section is being reopened. I also believe that you can transfer sections!

Brown Sugar Frontline is now SOLD OUT!
check out ONLY IF IT SPARKLES for the post

Hmm seems like SPICE is making a hit! Out of the new bands that had they're debut, i believe this one is the most promising and the most successful thus far, just don't muck it up SPICE

Some MAC products that you should invest in!

So I was looking through the MAC website and saw some products that should be invested in for Carnival!

First up.......... Primer

Prep + Prime Protect with SPF 50! - US$28.00
If you start off your make up regime with sunblock and this primer, your face should be protected for the rest of the day! My God I've never seen any make up primer with this kind of sun protection!


Face and Body

This foundation is water based so it looks as though it can be messy! But once applied with a sponge or brush, you should be good to go, it is water-resistant, I believe that was my main reason for putting it up here, so it can outlast the sweat and probably some rain! But i don't think I would recommend this for persons with oily skin.

Studio Fix
Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

This is the foundation most people use from MAC, this is the fluid version of the original Studio Fix. Most people believe this is the best foundation. As for persons with oily skin, the original Studio Fix would be better, because it comes on dry and not as a liquid, thus less oil! Both are long lasting


Blot Powder Loose
Blot Powder Pressed
This powder is said to absorb oil and leave a matte long lasting finish.

Select Sheer
Select Sheer Loose
Lightweight powder that makes skin look flawless

Friday, August 15, 2008

Diamante bra straps for the well endowed!!!

So, some of us, like myself have a bra size larger than a B cup and surely passing the 34 mark. With costumes coming with strapless options perhaps we may want to invest in bra straps, but for an ultra divafied look, blinged out bra straps! Since my last post, Ms Fay Kirk of Bra straps Worldwide and I have been keeping in contact. She saw our concerns about comfort and support and his then introduced a new set of bra straps, with four rows of diamante straps! Available in colours black, clear, green and red. She has assured me that these bra straps are very comfortable and well supportive!

If your interested you can email her at

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display