Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my carnival preparation

ok readers, since last I posted i promised photos of my sneaker project,make up and my costume.
sneaker: black reebok classic
project aim, painy a silver sneaker wit nice beading on the back to compliment my costume, titania.



  • first step, i cleaned any dirty surfaces off of shoe.
  • second step, I sprayed my first coat of primer paint and waited for 30 mins then sprayed first coat of metallic silver paint.

  • third step, I apllied a second coat of metallic silver paint to cover up any imperfections on the shoe (since it was very much broken in and had creases and thing)

  • fourth step, I applied the big beads first, which are pink.
  • fifth step, add on small clear crystals.

So thats my shoe projects so far!!!

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