Friday, July 31, 2009

Spice has sent a message.. But I still waiting on prices

Sent to me via facebook!

Hey SPICE Crew!!

It's that time again!!

Band launch is over and you guys have seen all of our costumes for carnival 2010.

We are currently in the process of putting the final touches on the guys know that we have to have it SPICY for when you get here.

We want all of you guys to know how much we appreciate the support that you have given us last year and that you continue to give us for our 2010 presentation "THE SPICE ROUTE."

I know that everyone was looking forward to registration beginning on the 3rd of August , but due to some factors that are way beyond our control we have been forced to postpone it to the 10th of August instead. This delay however, is to ensure that we maintain the quality service that has become synonymous with Spice Carnival Band.

Please don't be angry with us, we are more disappointed than you guys!! :(

So here's the official schedule:
Monday 10th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)

Tuesday 11th August 12-8 pm (Spice 2009 masquerader registration)

Wednesday 12th August and onward- Open to the public (Monday to Saturday 12-8pm)

Thank you once again for your understanding and we do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Team Spice.
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Spice....yuh stickin

Over the past few days, my friends and I have been eagerly awaiting Spice's prices....but alas no prices...Last year the band also launches on the 19th which was a Saturday the website was up by the time I came home from the launch and prices were up by the Friday!!!!
So what happen this rounds? I've been nice but we about to go into August and registration is supposedly in Monday the 3rd! As in the Monday after this weekend and we have yet to get a message from Spice on anything regarding I'll say it again.... and this time not so nice....(takes a deep breath woosah mimi woosah) Spice where is the F@$%in prices...lmao

Does this look Familiar?

(property of Sesame Flyers)
So I was looking through a certain labour day band and saw this costume....

which in turn reminded me of Fish from D'Krewe....(click here to see picture)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Caribbean Carnival Network and me!

Hello my fellow bloggers, yuh girl have some news. I am now a contributing author on Caribbean Carnival Network!!! (cue screams and confetti) Anyway guys check it out! and my introductory article First Impressions! Ahh I am so excited (cue giggle)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tribe Costumes... In my opinion

I know many of you know that I love to play in Spice, but this is my objective review of Tribe costumes

When I first got the booklet I was liking the costumes in the book especially Osage and Tyrian Purple and Xi Ling Shi...I bypassed Mystery of Loulan, I didn't even realise it was in there until someone talked about it, then I had to go and look back again.

The overall Launch is not something I was impressed with, there were times when there was a huge lull on stage and the lighting was off...the lights should've been off when a new section comes on stage not while a section is on stage.

Mystery of Loulan was first out the gate from what I remembered.
The costume is really Nice with beige and bright blue...sort of aqua blue! I like how the blue really makes the costume pop, but can we say remake of Birds of Paradise...except in blue and the Premium Frontline/Individual(?) with a blue Brazillian Macaw Belt. The model really worked that PFL/Indi though...boy oh boy you should've seen her go! Props to her! The rest of the models need to move about like that...she sold that costume for sure!

Silk of Rajasthan....the Mumbai clone/ I dream of Jeanie flashback...
Honestly when I saw this both in Launch and book I was not impressed. I always expect something nice from Peter Elias...I loved Jean and Dinah and African Love Bird...but this is the most disappointing costume I've seen from him. The type of red used with that yellow gold makes the costume look dirty in a kind of way..that's the only way I can describe it. a different fabric should be used because I think it doesn't fall properly...It kind of puckers up where its attached to the waist piece...and is the I dream of Jeanie ponytail included? However Elias gets two thumbs up for sticking to the theme!!!

Eri...Silver Mist comeback again

this was one of the costumes I saw in the book that I wasn't feeling at all...I does not show up well in pictures period. This is what silver mist should've looked like! It's a nice costume but it bares tooo much resemblance to Silver Mist...and the FL is What silver mist would've looked like with a feather backpack!

Zari....the youngin section

This section just screams my first time playing mas. It is cute, I like the colour combination but it looks like it belongs in Harts, I think it's just perfect for the 16yrs and such now getting into playing 'Big People Mas'

Tyrian Purple

This is one of the costumes I saw in the booklet and thought...this is beautiful I can see this selling out on day1 of Tribe Registrations, it is a very elegant costume...if I were to go back to Tribe this would've been one of my choices. However this costume reminds me of Mystique meets Birds of a Feather with the winged jewel designs on the bra. Now this frontline or indi....with the am I supposed to wine in that..It looks nice when the person dances but I got be takin front wine all day!


This was one from the booklet that got the crazy eye and it still gettin the crazy eye....this costume is pure madness...back to the drawing board asap and lets not get into the white sash on the FL. They can keep the Premium FL / Indi(?) though that looks nice!

Mulberry....The safe green

This costume is very pretty. The shade of green is lovely. The silk pleated bra...very nice. There are many options for this costume...I am still trying to figure out which is which..but they're all very nice...however i think that bra is a bit bare for both backline and frontline.

Lapis Lazuli....

This costume is nice you know...but its a lot of blue...this will be one of those costumes that people buy just to get into TRIBE or it can be another teenie bopper costume. The headpiece is gorgeous though!

Habotai...d pink costume with black punkie tassels

If allyuh know how I hate anything that hanging between you crutch that isn't fabric eh! Just like Autumn Sprite I hate the black tassels at the belt swinging between my legs! Is not even 3 tassels its 4!The shade of pink is lovely, but something aside from the swinging punkie tassels is off with this costume and I think its how the headpiece frames the face. Lets not talk about the La Diabless corset individual...does it come complete with cow foot too?
The frontline was nice..but i think the coque feathers on the foot pieces should've been shorter.

This costume needs to be reworked and re-presented...the best thing on it is the headpeice...

Charmeuse!....simply gorgeous!Don't you feel gorge just saying it?
This costume is soooo gorgeous! Wow!! This is my favourite and sorry to say but I like it more than Loulan! But the colour combo reminds me of Water Nymph...but a brighter blue..more turquoise in colour.Also...i've seen that headpiece before...oooo Rubies...right right .Nevertheless,This would've been another one of my choices if in Tribe

Osage!!! Lovin the Orange..

It seems like Orange is a hot colour this year!!! this costume is hands down the best orange costume I have ever seen!!! This will be another quick seller like Loulan, Tyrain and Charmeuse! at first I wondered if it was too much orange...but I think Osage will be just fine!

Threads of Morocco

I am going to be honest I do not like this costume soo much...its a bit coskel in my books... Something about it just doesn't look right...I don't know what it is but when I find out I'll let you know.....

Xi Ling Shi!!! Squeal!!!!
I LOVE this costume! The colour combination is just wow!!!! This is one of the best betty costumes. However it didn't wow me enough to not realise that the beads are left overs from Spangled Cotinga though! The Front line is nice as well as the Individual...but dare I say too many feathers on the was referred to as big bird...

Male costumes

Boy did they treat allyuh fellas shitty...The male costumes were brought out in two groups and shown for about 2 minutes...If you actually got to see the costume and what belong to what good yes! There were some individuals. A male indi for Tyrian and another for Mulberry. They were both nice...but I am not sure about the long pants. Silk of Rajasthan won hands down as the best male costume. The rest of costume...from the glimpse I got were very generic and reminded of costume from back in 2001....fellas I feel your pain.

These random individual costume...were they part of the show or part of the band.
The IPM butterfly remake....what was up with that! If it is indeed part of the band I suggest revising the body of the costume...the bra and belt need to be reworked and redone!

Overall...I think a lot of effort was put into Frontline and Individual and headpieces overall, but the bettys suffered with the generic costumes that can fit into any theme! TRIBE usually sticks to their theme so I was surprised to see this from theme...perhaps they focused too much on the competition or perhaps they should've never changed the name... let me hear your thoughts...please keep it nice

all photos are property of Triniscene

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fletch Dry Powder for Carnival 2010

Ladies I know you've seen the plethora of feathered back packs and headpieces. What happens when the rain falls? Feathers droop? Or clump together and look scanty?
Protect yourself from suffering with wet foul syndrome on D road Monday and Tuesday by purchasing Fletch Dry Waterproofing Powder to waterproof your headpiece and packpacks from losing its beauty after rainfall!

Fletch Dry Powder

Fletch Dry Waterproofing Powder is a fletching powder that is used to waterproof your feathers!
Using Fletch Dry allows for masqueraders to withstand rain with your feathers fluffing back up!!!

Applying Fletch Dry is easy, place desired feathered piece in a large plastic bag with some Fletch Dry Powder, close and shake to evenly distribute!
Take piece out of bag and shake of the excess then you're ready to go!!!!!
For more directions, visit Trinidad Carnival Diary's guide to waterproofing feathers
Fletch Dry will be available by order only !!
1 for TT$60
2 for TT$110

These items must be paid for by either Money Gram, Western Union or in Person within 5 days, or else your order will be cancelled!!

All orders must by placed

by January 10th 2010

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spice Website and Other Info

(click all pics to get larger)

So guys spice has moved from it's location on Tragarete Road to Upper Rosalino Street....interesting. Also the mas camp is open from Monday coming for viewing, Website launch is 3rd of August, which leads me to believe registration starts either on that day or soon after.

You can watch Spice's online book here.

But I have a question. In the picture below Moroccan Heat has a backpack, but in the book there is no back pack! Is the back pack optional? We'll find out!


Now in non Spice news, Tribe Band launch is Saturday, Non masquerader tickets were officially sold out since the weekend, not sure about the others. I won't be attending, but once pics are up I will comment on the costumes. Saucy however is going to TRIBE launch, so more than likely she'll keep you updated
BBM news is Boots for 2k10!!!! The official boots for 2010 Info. This is only for Trinidad and Tobago, boots can also be ordered for other carnivals, but orders must be made 3 weeks or more before Carnival date and will only come up to size 10!

Purple Wedge Heel Boot
Perfect for Spice Costume Greece
TRIBE costume Tyrain Purple
Price : TT$350
Code: C01W
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10

Wedge Heel Boot

Price : TT$350
Code: C02W
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10

Teal Flat heeled Boot
Perfect for Spice costume - Wings of Isis
Price- $350
Code- C01F
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9

White wedge heeled Boot
Perfect for Spice costume - Ceylon Pearls
Price- $350
Code- C03W
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10

Orange Flat heeled buckled Boot
Perfect for Spice costume - Moroccan Heat
TRIBE- Osage
Price- $350
Code- C02F
Sizes- 5.5,6,6.5,7

Gray Flat heeled Boot
Perfect for Tribe Costume Eri
Price- $350
Code- C04F
sizes 6.5,7,8,8.5,9,10,11

Pink Flat Heeled Boots
Price- $350
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,10,11

Yellow Flat Heeled Boots
Price- $350
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,10,11

Pink Flat Heeled Boots
Price- $350
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,10,

White Flat Heeled Boots
Price- $350
sizes 6, 6.5,7,8,8.5,9,

Purple Flat Heeled Boots
Price- $350
sizes 6, 6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,,10

Boot purchasing faqs and tips:
  • Purchase boots a size larger than you regular shoes size to enable room for the toes
  • Insoles should be purchased
  • Boots can be spray painted to change the colour

The boots will be available by order only! Most boots run from sizes 7 - 11.
To make an order, you must send an email or fill out boot order form on BBM website
  • The name and colour of boots
  • Your name
  • Your Address
  • Your email and telephone contact
After you will receive an email acknowledging your order. Then, proceed to down pay on your boot order, the minimum down payment is TT$100. or US$15 per boot and must be paid via *Money Gram,* Western Union or in Person. Your order will only be processed once the down payment is made.
If the down payment is not made in 5days your order will be automatically cancelled.
All Boots have a Flat PriceTT$350

The First 10 orders will receive a free pair of Dr. Scholl's Insoles!
All Boot orders must be made by September 13th 2009!!!!
Order quickly to ensure you get your size!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display