Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bra Straps...Divafied!

Barbara -$3.00

So with all these costumes coming out with strapless bras such as Spice's Scotch bonnet and Sea salt frontline, the ordinary clear bra strap may not be an option.Why wear clear when you can wear coloured, diamante and beaded bra straps?! Don't think for one minute that these straps are cheap.
sites such as:-

Strap me up
with the widest selection of coloured straps i have seen thus far

Bra Strap Australia
With a vast collection of diamante bra straps

Sea Salt Spice

Diamante bra strap -Victoria's secret-$18

Spice- Scotch Bonnet

Bra Strap Worldwide -us $14.51

D Heat!! Ahhhhh D HEAT!!!!

So last night I was on a particular blog, chatting along, when a very controversial issue stirred up. Now, I am all for peace and serenity and I must say that bachannal amongst bloggers disturbed me a bit because I love to see bachannal free communities!

However I have realised that people have this mentality of defending one's band of choice. We all need to remember what Betty like Jane is not going to like, everyone is entitled to enjoying their own damn cup of tea! Thus the band rivalry starts and we argue and argue about 'our' bands and who is better and who is accused of doing what. And as a means to solving the problem we act immature or stupid, ignoring our friendships and showing our ugly colours. You feel them band studyin allyuh? steups. Carnival is supposed to be a time for unity, so please , let the only bachannal on blogs be from the bands itself and who designer they drop. Please and Thanks!!!!
(storms off blog)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2000 Clicks and counting

Hi Everyone,
I would just like to thank you for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it! I would like to thank Saucy, if it wasn't for Saucy putting me on her 'blog roll' I am sure I would not have half of these viewers right now!
I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to Saucy on her hard work at the TRIBE launch to provide us, her readers with trusty pics! I understand you didn't get time to enjoy the launch really...So I want to say thanks Saucy!!! And you need a holiday!!!lol
Also, readers I encourage you to comment on the blog posts, I like to interact with people so please voice your opinions but keep it clean!
Thanks A million!!!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming soon for Carnival 2K9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, every year we try to look as divaliciously sexy as possible on the road!
BUT... for us to accomplish this look, we need to bring extra sunblock, lip gloss, powder, oil absorbing sheets, wet ones,etc.

Where are we going to put all these things is the question?

You search and search in Wonderful World looking for that perfect, small bag that can match with your costume yet hold everything you need.

Solution....Draw string bags, for Carnival 2k9!I will be providing drawstring bags in various colours and sizes to match your costume! You can simply tie them around your wrist or waist band and they'll be safe and sound through out your entire road experience!!!!

The bags range between
4" wide and5" long ($10.00)
5" wide and 6" long ($15.00)
6"wide and 7" long($20.00)

Bags can also be custom made to one's specification!
All bags will be lined, bags can be lined with different colours!
All orders must be placed at least two days before desired collection!
Bags can also be decorated with gems ,glitter or fabric paint(for a small special added cost!)

For more information email me at with subject "2k9 bags"

Bags come in:-

All lining and string come in the same availabe colour, lining can be any of the availabe colour choices!

All prices are quoted in TT dollars.

More pictures and info will be posted on the blog!!!

Ardelle Eyelashes and Glue available in T'Dad

So last week, I had my so called graduation party to attend, and I decided on purchasing falsies to glamour up a bit! So there I was on my quest to find the perfect eyelashes, because I hate the overly long ones, I didn't really want to look like a drag queen.

The pennywise collection wasn't big, basically just two types of Ardell lashes, 105 and 106 or 106 and 107, can't really remember but they just about look similar, just one is fuller than the other. They go for $18.50. Also Andrea brand lashes are also available for about $12.50 I believe, but Ardell is the better brand to purchase hands down.Although pennywise sells the eyelashes, they have no glue. So I had to go to the only place that would have the glue in the mall. You know that little make up kiosk by Mario's outside of Radio Shack near to the clothing store? Yes that little expensive kiosk. She had Ardell's individual lashes($35.00) along with Revlon . She also carries Ardell's Lash tite Strip lash glue and individual lashes glue. They cost about $40. 00.

Wonderful World upstairs of Trincity Mall ( the original branch) also sells feathered eyelashes, in red, green, blue ,multicolored and everything.

The Ardell site also has a guide to applying falsies

Stay tuned for follow up ion posts on eyelashes to match TRIBE and SPICE costumes!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Tribe picks!

So TRIBE Launched last night and I was impressed by their costumes but I am not as hyper as I was to see SPICE's costumes, why I don't know. Maybe is cause I was vex I didn't go the But anyway, I can't afford TRIBE frontlines, plain and simple! My budget this year is for a costume under $4000. sorry to say but I've got school coming up and stuff and I can't afford to be paying no $6000 for no fronlint costume in TRIBE! So I will have to be a backline betty again this year, until I get myself settled.

So here are my top picks for Backline betty's in TRIBE

all photos are property of Triniscene
1.African Pride!!! absolutely love it!!!


3.Blue tanger

4..Green Honeycreeper

5.golden dove

6.hummingbird( modelled by meh girl asha lol)

My first priority is definitely African Love bird!!!! I love it, because of the kind of stomach i have, when it's flat, it doesn't look flat, so that can cover it up a bit! but i love it!!!! then blue tanger is my second, i love it! I am waiting patently to see the prices, i'm going with the most economical out of the entire set, if I do not get y costume in TRIBE, SPICE Scotch Bonnet FL Here I come!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Spicy prices!

So after a hectic day, a come to look at SPICE's website, to see the costume prices, since my girl Rene done gone and sign up for Sea Salt (FHO all d way girllll). So I looked at the costumes and the prices and wondered if some of those prices, were a bit, how should I say...wild. I have no problem with a new band using a competitive or competition based pricing system, but I did think they were going to use something more along the lines of penetration pricing (i.e. pricing a product at a low rate to ensure high sales).

However, going into the mas business can also be a huge risk, and has huge overheads if the band cannot get as many sponsors as band such as TRIBE and IP. Therefore, prices are set to cover overheads and give some form of profit. Then there is also the case where bands such as Evolution can experience losses due to unappealing costumes.

SPICE has uploaded the prices on the website (all prices are TT$)

Brown sugar

Frontline -3995
Backline- 2895
Male -2500


Frontline-3 795
Backline- 2995
Male -2600

Golden Basil

Backline- 3295
Male -2600

Mediterranean Borage

Backline- 3495
Male -2700

Melilot Blue

Backline- 3395
Male -2700


Frontline- 4195
Male -2600


Male -2900

Scotch Bonnet

Frontline- 3795
Backline- 2795
Male -2650

Sea Salt

Male -2600

I believe some of these costumes are not really worth the price and apparently i'm not the only one that holds this point of view!, but thats just me, In some sections being a FHO is more economical than a Backline Betty. My favourite choices are Cadamom , Scotch Bonnet, Golden Basil or Sea Salt Frontline, as for Backline it would be Paprika or peppercorns.

Now as for the up and coming TRIBE launch tomorrow night, I will not be attending, so you'll have to look forward for the live updates from Saucy! However judging from their little snippet shown in today's Guardian I can only imagine the wonders my eyes will behold tomorrow night into Sunday morning from Saucy's blog! I am also expecting to hear about their steady increased pricing for this coming year's costumes from them also, I am expecting to see no costume less than $3000. . I have gotten so accustomed to the all-inclusive experience, the whole 'just walk with a little vex money and your makeup' so much so that any band that does not offer certain services get left behind! Perhaps this is why other masqueraders like myself allow the prices to increase as we go by the belief that all these services being provided increase in price every year due to rise in costs. But I will put that dent in my pocket to play mas, so choose wisely and don't waste your money

Monday, July 21, 2008

Spice Band Launch

Melilot Blue Front Line
Sorry for the big delay!

So the huzzy and I along with my friend head down to the launch. We reached Zen about 10:30 but unlike Saucy and Afro Chic, we lil young so we had to enjoy the long line (which moved rather quickly) into Zen. On entry there were these girls in cute little black and white satin dresses with the spice logo sponsored by Micles checking through what looked like the guest list. ( I'm sorry I didn't take a picture). When we arrived inside, the crew was looking sparse, i thought to myself, the way I had to park quite down near the end of the street I swear it had more people here! But low and behold it soon filled up.The launch that was supposed to start at 11 started more like 11:30 with the pig giant pepper shaker in the middle with an added run way extension to the front. I got a good seat near the stairs and held up my camera waiting in anticipation. As the presentation started there were these two 'chefs' turning around the gigantic 'spice' shaker revealing the costumes....niceee.

The models seemed to be a bit stiff in the beginning but, they loosened up after a while. While the costumes were being presented Zen and their damn mist pipe madness thing, kept coming down thus making it hard to get pictures at first. But after a while everything went nice. To tell you how nice it is, my huzzy who hates mas found the costumes very nice and the band launch great! They modeled to soca and looked like they had fun!

Now on to the costumes
Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet we all know and saw already from the Facebook Group all though I think it is missing something a little more just to make it pop a little. The
front line version however was very cute with the nice big collar feathering around you. The male version was also a cutie! with the lil rope around the stomach and little jacket and headpiece
rating- 4/5

Next up was Mediterranean Borage

The combinations of the colors on this costume, the blue and bronze are magnificent because these colors will pop on the road on any skin tone! I love the colour combination. The headpiece....still a little iffy about it but, the beading on the bra, belt and arm, hand and leg pieces are magnificent. The male costume here is pretty simply nothing extravagant to talk about
rating 4/5

Now it was time for Sea Salt!!!!
The front line of this costume was very much my favourite and still is, even d huzzy likes it!! The back line version with the halter bra and broad belt shows that it can accommodate the thickies, but for some reason the black line doesn't pop for me!
I think the this back line version has to be the least skimpiest costume there. The male version is actually cute! With the gem and feathered head band and the tasseled waist band with gems! lol even the men getting some whip action!!!
rating 4/5

Garden of Sage

This costume is the green machine! Although the beading and craft work on the costume is very nice,but its too much green!! They need to contrast it with a blue or a darker green that way it will pop more! it just looks to green! The male costume could stay how it is, it doesn't look bad!
rating 3/5

Brown Sugar!

Well we all know the brown sugar front line! The back line is just as stunning except with a smaller headpiece, I think the back line could have gotten a big head piece also ( not as gigantic as he front line but nevertheless big.) Now the male model, Kai Leggard needs to take it down a notch! I think his cockiness was on overdrive, just come out the stage and model the people costume and stoop with the damn antics! Beside that the male costume was normal, usual collar, lil crown like headpiece and arm and leg pieces

rating 5/5

Melilot Blue! one of my favs!!!

I loved the frontline of this costume with the plunge monokini and the' dig out people eye' collar with the blue and white feathers! Brilliant!!!! I also love the back line for this costume!! I love it i love it!!!!
rating 5/5


Now this is furry bamsee section aka Leasel Rovedas and I LOVE IT!!!!! It is by far the skimpiest costume in the band and I love the burnt orange and silver combination, i think this is another combination that will look good on all complexions. However not everyone can pull of the cage bra on the front line. The male costume is also appealing with the laced up arm band, neck and leg pieces. What I also love abut this costume is the big headpiece for both back and front!!!
rating 5/5

Golden Basil!

I like this costume! It is gorgeous , the front line is similar to that of Scotch Bonnet, but I like this headpiece better. I like bra on the back line, a deep plunge bra with articulate beading on it! love it! The belt i lobe even more and the simple bangles as wrist pieces was all that was needed. The costume is one that you need to look at more than once cause at first look, you may not be that attracted to it! The male costume with the golden basil leaves it soo cute, i love it!
rating 4/5


OMG!!! LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! I know i said i will never play in black costume but i may just have to take back this statement!!! This costume is perfect! It doesn't have too much black but the lovely combination of black , white and silver is amazing!! And if I was a fella, I was definitely gonna play in this section
rating 5/5


To tell you the honest truth, the tassels on the backline belt turns me off of this costume! I like the frontline!!! If i was gonna play in it it would be the front line. The rest of the back line costume is nice, but the belt is killing me, but hey that's just me because other people are in love with it!

Have you got the spice?!


This just in, two sections Melilot Blue and Mediterranean Borage have been sold out and extra 50 costumes each will be added to the sections come registration time. For more info check Saucy

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coming Soon....Spice Band Launch Review!!!!!!

Hi every1,
About to go to Blanchisseuse right now, full review including pics and videos when i come back later!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

TRIBE and Spice News

Well TRIBE sent out an email about their Band launching, Registration for 2k9 and their TLC Cards

Tickets on Sale from TRIBE Mas Camp and Committee Members from Thursday 17th July, 2008.

Mas Camp Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30am-5:30pm
Open Sat 19th: 1pm - 4pm
Closed on Sundays


Registration for TRIBE’S 2009 presentation “Birds of a Feather” will begin within two weeks of the band launch. Registration details will be sent in a subsequent email.

TLC Cards

For those who have not collected their TLCs, the deadline for collection is Wednesday 23rd July, 2008 at 6:00pm, after which NO TLC CARDS will be distributed. TLCs may be collected at TRIBE Mas Camp during Mas Camp opening hours.

Please note that TLCs have only been assigned to those eligible masqueraders who registered directly with the camp during the initial signup period in August 2007. Valid Picture ID must be presented to obtain your TLC Card.


TRIBE will be introducing a new email address for mail-outs Please ensure that you add this email address to your safe list to continue receiving mail from TRIBE.

Questions? Comments? Email us at

Well honsetly to tell you the truth I am a bit upset. I purchased some one;s costume from Carnival Junction and transferred my name and everything before the end of last year. So my name was on the receipt, the box and is me who paid the money! Now you telling me I can't get a TLC. STEUPS!!! I will be blazing up that phone come 12pm today!!

Now for the Spice news! It is rumoured that two sections are already sold out in Spice! Ah tell allyuh they was gonna be the new hot shit!! Any who here is a preview of the Scotch Bonnet bra from the face book group! You can check Saucy's Post for more details

Monday, July 14, 2008

Message from Spice!

Nicholas Pena sent a message to the members of
Spice Carnival.

Subject: Spice Band Launch Information.

The full showcasing of The Spice presentation for 2009
entitled “The Missing Ingredient” is carded for
this Saturday 19th July 2008
at Zen, Keate St., Port of Spain.

Doors open at 10pm and the presentation
is carded to begin at 11pm.

Please note that Zen’s standard policies
will be in effect:

Dress code is in effect
Management reserves the right to refuse admission
Age requirement for Level 2 in Zen is 21 years and over
Invitations and advance tickets are non-transferable
and you may be asked for ID upon presentation of either.
Each invitation or ticket will admit one only

To avoid the long lines or an extended wait
and to guarantee your entry please adhere to
the above terms and conditions
and ensure that you are there early.

Specially invited guests will be entitled
to a Private viewing and After Party on the Zen Rooftop.
This is scheduled to take place after midnight
following the presentation downstairs.
This will be the opportunity for the mas enthusiasts,
bloggers and media to get
close up pictures of the costumes
and to liase with Spice representatives
to gather more information.

Limited Invitations and advance tickets are
available from the following persons

Anya Elias


Tiffany Pemberton


Jason Thompson


Kearlene Crosby


Nicholas Pena


Leah-Mari Guevara


JP Pouchet


Adonia Gomez-Burke


Jade Lee Loy

Check out our e- invite at

Kaotic Band Launch

Afro Chic attended the Kaotic - Life Unleashed Band Launching last night. I must say almost all of the costumes are beautiful except a red one that I am not feeling. They really mixed it up with the large and small belts in various sections ( you now how long I haven't seen belts that size) showing that they really are trying to cater for more than just the skinny small waist chicks. The male costumes looked good! Especially the green one which had a lot of working on it for a male costumes. Well done Kaotic. I look foward to seeing you guys on the road!

Photo is property of Afro Chic.For more check out Afro Chic's post.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spice band launch info!

Other persons, even myself who have been wondering, whats going on with Spice's band launch? Will there be tickets or do we go in as normal Zen patrons? If there are tickets available, how much will they cost?

Well have no fear cause it's Mimi to the rescue. So out of my preoccupation with planning I decided to message Anya Elias via Facebook (ah yes FB bringing ppl together). Although not all of our questions can be answered at least I got a lil something something to help us out!

July 12 at 10:35am

Hi, I was wondering whether the band launch will have seperate tickets or whether you just go in as a normal zen patron. Thanks.

Anya Elias

Today at 5:51pm

hi....we have limited advance tickets which will be available from tuesday from our committee members.. check out spice carnival facebook group for more info and let me know when you get through.


Today at 7:16pm

Thanks very much for replying. I hope you don't mind me asking another question.How much will the tickets cost?

Anya Elias

Today at 11:28pm

tickets are 150.... The usual cost to get
in zen VIP

I'm so relieved that there will be tickets on sale thus, I'm guessing will eliminate the whole queue issue. I can't wait! I can't wait till band launch Saturday!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Come and hear a secret nah!!!!

You want to hear a secret?
Well come closer nah!
You still a little tooo far. i was doing my shopping yesterday in Trincity.
You know who selling Revlon Self adhesive and NYX lashes now?
You dunno? take a guess nah!
Alright alright
Wonderful world.
And you know how much they selling them for? You wouldn't believe me!
Revlon- $20 only!!!! NYX was $20/25 can't really remember But the Revlon only had 1 left, they were selling like hot cakes!!!

Wonderfulll worlddd's got eveything i need, fashion hats, lingere and sexy eyelashes!!! a womans dreamm wonderful world!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

500 and counting

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and taking an interest in it. It has now crossed the 500 visitor mark, i'm feeling very proud. Thanks everyone keep reading and posting comments!!

Evolutions site is in the works

So was browsing through Toronto Lime and decided to check out evolutions home page. The site is not fully up with prices. But there is a slideshow of pictures showing the costumes. These pictures made some of the costumes look potentially ok for the road but did nothing for others. So as they say, The show begins soon...can you resist the TEMPTATIONS ?

Elements media launch

so elements hosted yet another media launch, this time however, doing it right! They previewed 2 costumes, which are not exactly in my favor as they don't wow me like Spice. Ilove the colors personally, but i must admit that the entire costume does not wow me. The pink and organe one, love the belt and leg pices, headpiece, hate the bra! I don't like the idea of the plain jane bra and just a set of beds hanging from my neck. although it looks kinda cute, i don't really like it. As for the green, you kno i all for anti - bkini options, so i like the corset idea, however, i don't like the working on it, especially the belt. They have however redeemed themselves greatly! but im sitll not getting the wow factor like i did with SPICE, i'll jsut wait till the 8th and see the rest of their presentation Casino Royale.

To see pics and Saucy's Review click here

Make up blog

Two blogs, that can be helpgul for makeup


Boots, boots the world have boots!

Thunder- us 89.95 (Bakers)

So I was doing my daily research and came across a few sites where the UK people can get their boots from as well as every one else

Fly JaneSplash Ocean- 14.97 (tilly's)
Rack Room Shoes
Moda in Pelle
Shoe shop
Best- Top Offers
Make me Chic

Black Opal Make Up Road test

So once upon a time, Saucy, Rene and I were discussing make up on d Saucy c-box. I began using Black Opal Creme Stick (in beautiful Bronze) recently, but I hadn't done a road test yet. You might ask me, what in the hell is a road test. Well a road test is when you test out your make up on a hot day and see how well it lasts all day. My road test was about 5 or 6 hours long.

The application process:-
My tools:-
  • foundation brush
  • eyeshadow brush
  • powder brush
  • slanted blush brush
The steps
  1. I rubbed my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 15
  2. Then I used my foundation brush and began to apply Black Opal Creme Stick foundation, from the chin/ base of my face, going up.
  3. I blended in where needed to be blended then applied Sacha Eye Shadow Primer.
  4. Then using the powder brush I dusted on some Sacha Kamaflage Setting Powder.
  5. I applied my eyeshadow L'Oreal Wear Infinite Duos Eye Shadow, Bronze Star 862, Perle-Perle with my eyeshadow brush.
  6. Then using the blush brush I applied Sacha Bronzer Blush.
  7. I applied Arista's Loose Powder in Nutmeg
  8. Applied a little of the setting powder
  9. Then finished with Sacha Fix It Spray
So I head out in Arima around 11 o'clock yesterday, you know yesterday as hot as hell. I walked up and down Arima in the sun, shopping and running errands for a bout 4 hours then had to travel home. And let me tell allyuh, I was sweatin so much I had to stop and buy a rag to wipe my Which took a whole hour to reach home. When I reached home and I looked in the mirror, results were satisfactory, coverage lasted long and with just a touch of translucent powder I would've been looking like if I washed my face and reapplied again.

Application 4/5
It is very easy to apply, I must admit, this is my first stick foundation and I prefer a stick in comparison to liquid or cream to powder any day.

Coverage 4/5
The coverage is very good, After the sweating and wiping, the foundation still held up quite well, just one or two spots on my face showed up a little more (didn't put any concealer though so that was my fault)

Finish 5/5
Oh Gosh this thing does give you a nice finish boy!!!!! You will look flawless after applying this make up, I must say!

Protection 4/5
I felt as though, the foundation combined with my moisturizer protected my skin a lot from the sun exposure, because normally with Sacha Foundation, it actually didn't protect me at all, and I got more sun burnt than anything, Sacha foundation actually changed colour with me, so i know for the next in 2k9 Sacha is a no no for me. But through out the exposure it worked really well and stayed true to form.

Overall I would use this foundation for the road!

Monday, July 7, 2008

SPICE's new look

Well looks like Spice is gearing up for the new website. It's not done at all, just a message from Anya Elias.
n.b. It cannot be seen by all browsers...don't ask me

The Indirect Way of Clearing one's self from a social disaster

So as we all know, The Evolution costumes were not a sight for sore eyes. Curtis Eustace, the band leader, has came up with an indirect way of 'clearing' himself of the fiasco by trying to give 'credit' to his young designers in a Guardian article today. I couldn't help but laugh at how out of timing the article was and his clever attempt, which most probably wouldn't read this much into. Now please be aware that this is my opinion and I would appreciate it if no out of timing persons such as 'THE" come and start to talk up in dey ass for me. :D Thanks you. Here's the article :-

"Stop claiming credit for works of others


Nine-time King of Carnival, Curtis Eustace, wants bandleaders to stop stealing ideas from young mas designers and crediting such work as their own.

He said many bandleaders were still taking ideas for creations, in which they had no active involvement, as their own. This practice, he said, must stop.

Eustace said in doing so, they stifled designers, especially the emerging ones.

He expressed his concern on Friday when his band, Evolution, unveiled its 2009 Carnival presentation titled Temptations, at Zen nightclub on Keate Street in Port-of-Spain.

Eustace said Evolution, which burst unto the Carnival scene this year, had its eyes on the future—a future that had a place and space for young designers to explore.

“A lot of bandleaders take credit for designs that were created by other people. That happens especially to young designers.

I’m guilty of doing the same thing. I used to take credit for my King of Carnival costumes, but that was not true. My brother Marcus was responsible for my costumes,” Eustace said.

“I danced the costume better. My brother couldn’t do it, because he had two left feet. I’m just the driver. He was the creator.”

Eustace said a lot of young designers wanted a chance to exhibit their talent, and Evolution would provide them with both the platform to do so and secure their right to retain their credits."


(This part was in the actual papers but not on the website)


Temptations features 16 sections, with themes such as Erotic Bondage, by Nadira Bassant amd Shawn McNeil; Burning Ecstasy, by Hayden Jessop and Kester Reid; Crystal Seduction, by Godfrey Wickham; and Jewels of Desire by Baje International."

Now when I copied the article I didn't read it, I would think the guardian would post an article to its' entirety... well I was wrong!
Trinidad Guardian Newspapers

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hmm not soo 'TEMPTING'

So as we all know, Evolution's Band Launch was last night, showing off their presentation of Temptations. All I have to say is...WHAT THE HELL?! Obviously between last year to now, the design team had to have changed! The costumes I saw (pictures provided by Saucy) those costumes lacked colour, beads, feathers,proper foot and arm pieces, it generally looked as though they tried to skimp on any thing possible, copy IP and TRIBE's previous designs from 2k7 n 2k8.The band looked as though it was a presentation from a Secondary School's Art class. In fact I'm sure an art class can produce better costumes than that.

One would think a mas connoisseur such as Curtis Eustace would be more than capable of coming up with presentations even more beautiful than last year. One would also think, with a presentation entitled 'Temptations" that colours such as red, gold,green and others, more lively and deep colours would have been used and more sexy and elaborate costumes would've been designed. All i can say to them is good luck....cause they'll need it!

You can see saucy's posts on the band launch


Friday, July 4, 2008

And some people don't think boots popular?! steupsss

(click on pictures for larger images)
This is for all those who are unsure of wearing boots instead of sneakers....don't be afraid, I was just like you in 2008...(lol or we still in 2008) but for 2k9 I may be one of

One of these things are not like the other....these two autumn sprites in the back, enjoying themselves in their matching yellow boots...cute :)

The two mystique revellers also in their cute spray painted boots.

And then there was fur

And the Ate Logo boots were making a hit! My friend bought one and said they were so comfy she felt as though she was walking on air! she didn't even need insoles!

The wedge heel...for those masqueraders who want to be ultra divalicious and literally want to stand tall and look beautiful!

Hmmm it so popular even men wearing them!!!!

Watch lets get a close up on these appliqu├ęs!!!!!

Hmm the boots phenomenon is taking over...sneakers watch out!!!!!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display