Thursday, February 24, 2011

TRIBE Collection

Hiya Guys! So I just got home from Cascadia, where I got my TRIBE Amazon costume and let me tell allyuh it skimpy!!!!!!

But on another note, I think my goodie bag is sub par, I found that the last time I played with TRIBE there was a lot of stuff, useful stuff. This time, yea there are collectors items, but Im not impressed, give my my bottle,cup, snacks, pad, tampons n shield anyday! I'm definitely thanking God I got my Survivor Pack
I didn't feel the need to take pics of Cascadia, its basically the same set up.
The line up is
Cluster 1 Mayan Eagle and Knights Templar - Music Truck 1 - Sprang International and zero Tolerance

Cluster 2 Massai Tribal Warrior and Mongol Fighter - MT2 - X Caliber International,Poundaz Inc, Renissance Disco

Cluster 3 - Persian Gold, Xian Warriors MT3 Ishmeal D Demlition Man

Cluster 4 - Amazon - MT4 Hypa Hoppa

Cluster 5 - Iroquois , Sashura - MT5 - XTC, Back 2 Basics

Cluster 6 - Gladiator, Artctic Warriors - MT6 - RED 96.7, JW & Blaze

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display