Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SPICE Band Launch Info Revised!

Got this message from the Spice Team via facebook group a few minutes ago

"Greetings from The Spice Team.

Just a little heads-up to let you know that TICKETS for the band launch will be available from THIS FRIDAY 3RD JULY.

SUNDAY JULY 19th, 2009... CLUB ZEN! 5pm til.

ZEN Box Office
Shari Balkaran - 687-5313
Leah Marie Lousaing - 799-9280
Maria Elena Coelho - 703-5320
Danielle Tardieu Moze - 302-0444
Jarred Sargeant - 689-9611
Mieko Landreth-Smith - 478-1910
Heidi Walcott - 703-2330
Jamie Lee Yuen - 770-6964
Kristy Agar - 792-1898
Nicholas "Freddy" Stamfli - 767-8460
Jamie Garcia - 771-1047
Kimi Seetai - 377-2557
Nicholas Lee - 360-9364
Cathrine Nivet - 791-0665
Bryant Snaggs - 725-5510
CJ Edmund - 383-0689
Georgia Nedd - 620-6333
Nina Alcantara - 324 - 0053
Kavell Keir - 470 - 0300
Kristen Jacob - 355 - 5848
Kristy Francis - 746 - 6282
Jason Thomson - 468-3491
Jovon Seetal - 721-2880
Leah-Mari Guevara
Driselle Ramjohn - 760 - 3983
Renelle Persad - 680-5444
Vince Tardieu - 481-8739
Ryan Alcantara - 499 - 4100
PRIVE Nightclub & Lounge - 652-4360
Rhean Ramdeen - 686-4873
Ashraff - 709-9999
Adrian - 799-8800
Kristy - 466-5080
Shivani - 685-8889
Dana - 732-5559
June Lightbourne - 722-4165
Shanna Salick - 721-8947
Velisa Dumas - 682-9446
Rachel Ollivierra - 680-8400
Patraj Roti Shop - 221 - 9592

Doors open at 5pm

2-4-1 Premium Drink Specials from 6pm - 8pm


Special Live Performances!!


The Spice Route has begun!!!"


Greetings Spice Crew,

Our model search and casting call for the band launch will be held on Tuesday 7th July, 2009 @ Club ZEN 3pm-8pm

Potential Female models are required to model in 2-piece swimsuits and a minimum of 4 inch heels.

Potential Male models are required to model topless and in shorts.


Spice Carnival 2010... Choose Your Route!

Ticket Info:
$100 LTD ADV.
$120 General
$200 VIP

Monday, June 29, 2009

SPICE Band Launch Info

DATE:July 19th
PRICE:Limited Advanced are $100
Tickets come out this Tuesday

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

knock knock anybody there?

UMM Why it is Island People so silent? I meant they aren't my band of choice, but I find I ain't hearing nothing from IP or even IPers!
Why am I not even hearing some kind of bachannal?!!! We almost in July!!!

In my opinion, I find these bands reall stickin on the info blasts!Steups! I have questions that need to be answered
  • Island People where are you?
  • When and where is allyuh band launch?
  • TRIBE how much tickets will be?
  • TRIBE where is your band launch too! (I now catch myself)
  • TRIBE can i collect my tlc please?!...since last time according to danielle it wasn't the right time to collect it. (can you sense the eye roll)
  • Spice what is d ticket prices jed?
  • When tickets comin out?!!
Allyuh work with me nah, I have to fit this into my monthly budget!!!!!!


Spice Launch Tickets will be out about Wednesday 1st July, I heard limited advanced is $100.00!!! I'll keep you guys posted ok?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Touch This!!!

A blogger asked if TRIBE can touch Spice with their designs. Can they? Let's face the facts; first, Island People stopped being a real threat to TRIBE practically 2yrs ago, after the two bands and respective followers settled themselves. Second, I think TRIBE was in need of some serious competition -competition that willl make a TRIBER even consider taking a deep into the Spice-y sea waters- after all competition is what motivates a business. Third, Spice is that competition!

I am sure most of you have heard of the design challenge issued between designers of the two popular bands, my question is who do you think will come on top?

In my most unbiased opinion, I do believe Spice and TRIBE are on a similar level with respect to quality, both bands treat their customers like gold and produce costumes of great quality in comparison to other bans, who materials look cheap, faded, used and abused.

On the road, I was stopped many times by persons asking if Spice was TRIBE...I believe that alone spoke for itself. However at the designing level, I am not quite sure they're going to be on par any more. The Designing Duo, Richard and Anthony have taken Spice to higher heights this year, judging on their costumes from the Media Launch compared to this past season I think Spice can only go in one direction... and that's up.

With all the new sparked attention Spice is getting I hope that they don't end up in a situation where they aren't ready for the influx in demand thus resulting in the same situations from other Now It bands when they were on the come up.

The Carnival 2010 Train has just started, we know you have your ticket and you're on board, but it's in which coach your in? Are you in The Spice, TRIBE,or some other band's Coach?

We'll see how it goes on July 19th and 25th

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spice Media Launch Pics

PhotoCredits: Spice Carnival Band FB Fan Page
Spice, has uploaded pictures from the media launch on their facebook fan page!!

Click here

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spice...I can't wait!!!!!!!

So, Saucy attended Spice's Media Launch, and has uploaded pictures. The launch featured front lines from two sections Caspian Sea and Jewels of Mumbai.

Rubies of Mumbai. The Underestimated

This costume has brought a very interesting twist to a lot of Indian costumes I've seen, It is absolutely Gorgeous.
Great costume, but hate it at 1st sight, love at 2nd, 3rd and 4th!

The Headpiece:
At First glance the headpiece is underestimated, however at closer inspection it is very beautiful and detailed complete with red peacock feathers and rhinestones. The headpiece is meticulously adorned with red, clear rhinestones and gold beads creating patterns. It is definitely one of a kind!

The Bra:
Oh My Goodness look at that bling!!!!
The bra has a complex design, that is out of this world, however what is bothering me is how does the jewels exactly fall. From what I understand, one half of the bra has a different pattern from the other, and the cape is attached to the jewels which is attached to the bra and the upper arm pieces look like if they are attached the bra.

Waist Piece:
Somebody say skimpy!
The waist piece is what I call underlying skimpyness...i.e. you sooo caught up in the jewel design that you don't realise the waist piece is rhinestones chains and cloth! If I had the kind of body for it, and I didn't play red this year I would've been in this costume!!!

The Leg Pieces
Gladiator Style leg pieces are my favourite honestly, for ppl like who calves are just a bit too small, can enjoy these kind of leg pieces, because they are attached at 3 different points! Thees will look sooo good on boots, preferably a brown or tan or gold!

Caspian Sea . Gyal yuh look so Stunning!!!
This costume is just ridiculously stunning (as Machel say) I mean come on!!!!! The use of Aqua and Sky Blue is magnificent!In my opinion it would look great on people with wide waist and smaller top.( i.e. Coke or Pear)

The Headpiece
It is gorgeous! The colour, the beading! I love it.

The Bra!
My word! Look at all those beads and crystals, it is heavily decorated!With the clear rhinestone to imitate what I am guessing is sea wave patterns with teardrops and a rhinestone applique hanging from the middle. At the beginning I wasn't a fan of that applique just dangling there, but it has grown on me

The Belt
The centre of the belt mimic the applique at the bottom of the bra! It looks gorgeous and is totally blinged out!!!

Wrist Pieces,
Are jsut divine, I love it, the way how thw bend the cord? wire? into the curve, with the teardrop rhinestones dangling! I love it!

The Back piece
Wayyyyyyyyyy!!! Look at Feathers!!! You make me wannna......

Hmmm. The best part of this costume! This is what makes it soooooo desirable! The back piece spouts out like wings! With feathers of 2 different types of blues and rhinestone and beading detail, I personally think this costume is just divine, and I like many other bloggers are in love!

The leg pieces
nothing out of the ordinary, more or less regular pieces

Bottom Line!
I can't wait for the Band Launch at Zen on the 19th of July!!!!! Richard and Anthony have outdone themselves with this and I can see the load of time and effort that went into these costumes! Two thumbs up!!!

It's confirmed!!!!

It's confirmed ladies and gents by Saucy via twitter that Spice band Launch will be the 19th of July, location and time still unknown! I can't wait!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carnival Survivor Packs 2010

BBM is looking to extend its services to not only making custom made bags but bringing to you survivor packs!
Survivor Packs would have all miniature items necessary for on the road survival.Even if you do not purchase a bag form BBM you can purchase a survivor pack, or any survivor pack item!
Here is a poll, BBM wants to know what you would like to see in your Survivor Pack!
You can select more than one option.
What would you like to see in survivor packs?
Hand Santizer wipes
Mini folding brush and comb
Compact mirror and brush
Degree Women Deodorant
Soft and Dri Women's Deodorant
Safety Pins
Tylenol Extra Strength
Glitter Spray
Sanitary Napkin
Panty Shields
Feminine Wipes
Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets
Neutrogena Sunblock SPF 55
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Suggestions, drop a comment or email BBM at bagsbymimi@hotmail.com

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Fellas, what would you like to see in a male survivor pack?
Axe Deodorant Spray
Hangover Remedy Pill
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Hand Sanitizer Wipes
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Which of the big bands are you looking foward to seeing for 2010?

Media Launches and Band Launches are on their way, what bands are you looking foward to seeing?
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What band presentations are you looking foward to seeing ?
Island People
D Krewe
Trini Revellers
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Friday, June 12, 2009

21 000 0n the maco meter!!!

I must say I am happy that I've made it to 21 000
"Sniff sniff"
I would like to thank all those who stop by the blog,even if its through search engines and thing, without you guys...I wouldn't be at 21000 today!
Also d Carnival industry, because without it I would have nothin to write lol!
(in my best ghetto radio caller voice) I wanna big up man like Carnival Divaz, Trini Fashinista,MJ and all dem other people who does read meh blog eh!!!

So lets strive to make it to 25000 nah! When I reach 25 000 and 30 000there will be give aways! Free bags, Fletch Dry and many more

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Gado!!!! Spiceeee!!!! Excitement!!!

Oh my gosh!! Allyuh is excitement!! Anybody read Saucy blog today? Allyuh ah can't contain myself!!! Spice media launch is on the 17th!!! Yes the 17th as in next week! As in my anniversary date... Lol ah always tell d huzzy that date is a blessed one! Lol! You excited? Cause I excited!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Boots for C2K10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For C2K10 BBM will be supplying:
  • Boots
  • Fletch Dry Waterproofing Powder
The Boots will go from sizes 7 - 11!!! By Order only!

To view and comment on the possible selection of boots visit this link!
To stay updated on it, become a Fan of BBM or join the BBM Website!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Resemble much...

(photo source Carnival Network)

(phot0 source: Ivy Vybes)

So I was looking through Ramajay Mas band launch photos because the costume saucy put up on her post today was really interesting. This green costume- Green Jasper- has a mini semi replica of Peppercorns collar. Just minus the feathers, colour it green and make it a little smaller.
Spice, feel proud, someone drew inspiration from you!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display