Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spice Review

I have come to the conclusion that I have over hyped and over anticipated carnival so much that it became anti climatic for me.

Now my review can be considered a half review since I didn't go downtown at all on both days.

Spice has grown to be about 3 times its previous size. Kudos to them on achieving this on their 2nd year.

My monday wear looked fine and everything. I got down to the savannah round 12 and caught them just after they crossed. So chipping now to lunch where we had to show them your ID band to get into qrc grounds. Which was all fine and well but thus created a huge bottleneck for some hungry masqueraders.

For lunch there was the option of Arabic, Creole or Specialty. I ended up in arabic where you had a choice of lamb, chicken and I can't say what the veggie box had in it. The chicken was on point! Everything else was dry in my opinion. Compared to last years food I would give them a 3 out of 5.

Back on the road again! Managed to meet a good few bloggers! Big up to everyone I saw. My big toe now start to cramp my style I hadda be limping then end up on the rest truck cause my big toe hurting like a bitch! Thus when we reached ariapita had to call it quits.

The drinks trucks were lower by far than last year but when handing me a hot drink...where's the ice? You mean I must ask for ice or drink it hot? Steups I do not remember doing that last year. That problem was rectified on tuesday though.

I did not even go on the wee wee truck every time I looked it was packed. I did hear there was no tissue in the wee wee truck.

The guy on the rest bus was veryyy nice and accommodating kudos to him

Where was the cool down truck with the water I didn't recall seeing it. Did anyone see it?

So I arrived about 9 just before we were crossing the stage. We waited an entire hour and a half probably in the hot sun and yuh girl forget her vex money. Thus by the time I'm crossing the stage I feel faintish I cannot even palance cause I want to dead. Lol I hurry off the stage and walk like a woman on a mission while trying to keep this head piece on my head

I take 1 bottle of water and a pepsi. That isn't enough going back for a second bottle the barman not paying me any mind. This nice men next to me gets the water for me thank you so much if you ever happen to come across this. I inhale that water I'm up to speed again lol but first I need a lil nourishment since 2 rest buses are full. So I head onto the snack truck for a lays.

I have to say now I remember why I never cross the savannah "stage" to dehydrate myself to cross not even on a proper stage but the road? Steups

We make our way to the lunch stop at this point the security stopped checking bands I ended up in specialty food. Where we got spaghetti and meat balls with a slice of garlic bread. Food was still bland but a good change up on the usual food offered by most bands. Oh I would just like to note my spice booklet had a whole other menu.

Head back on d road I go home for slipper instead of boots shed my backpack and head piece and wait for the band to reach ariapita. Rocky, buffy and tc performed but by the time they reached my truck rocky had to go handle band business. I stayed with band where they stood on ariapita for a long time waiting on what I don't know. I left the band there too.

Issue : spice's head pieces except rubies were leaning forward and flying off. Totally unexpected and irritating.

Issue : lack of damn space I actually think trucks got wider because every band is struggling for space to palance n when u start to palance there is a truck horn blaring.

Issue : lack of pr on the band leader's part. I personally had no problem with anya in collection she asked me where the rest of my receipt I explained that I got a copy from the showroom when I lost mine. But I noticed she was not as polite as rocky if she did talk to you.
As a band leader you need to be able to talk to people and many people complained about her and the way she responded to them. They were not impressed. My mother actually pointed this out to me since last year at the time I thought she was over reacting.
I also heard that on a tv interview when crossing the stage she appeared to know little to nothing about the theme. I cannot confirm or deny this since I did not watch it on tv but IF this did happen I would have hoped she knew info on her theme since she is a band leader.

Overall I think I need a break from mas. To me mas is not as much fun a before with so many masqueraders , larger trucks, little to no space to move or palance also the huge lack of respect for others and their costumes on the road mas may not see me for 2011.

EDIT TO ADD 18/2/2010

Another thing is I forget to big up the security they were doing their thing, scissors crew really cut plenty stragglers out of the band.

Also where did the little refresh station by the toilets at the rest stop go...clearly it was a mirage. I thought when you go larger, there are economies of scale to benefit from....well clearly I lied to myself

Also big up to D and her entire friends and family who adopted me!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spice Collection

My Costume - Spice Moroccan Heat

So as many of you may know, I actually thought I was down for the count for Carnival. But by the grace of God I made it and I palancin!!!!!!!!!!
So distrution starts at 12 I was there at 12:30 and there were about 20 people already. These people not playin nah! lol There were only 2 cashiers, Anya at Cash and another at Linx. I guess that because all the others did not come to cash until 12:45 or so!
Anywho the ballroom is layed out with Rocky handing out chits, the chairs to sit while waiting to collect, then there is the Last Call Costumes Bay which people who now want a costume can get one, I saw 5 people over there. There is the Express Collection where she looks over your bill and signs.
Now onto the costume. When I went to get the costume now, my cuz workin the distribution lmao as well as 2 friends on is a cashier the other in repairs. Anywho I get my costume the belt fits lovely the headpiece wonderful, bra cups and band fit wonderful until we reach the top of the bra with the halter neckpiece.
It was too long so I had to take in repairs, waited for a 10mins for them to finish the repairs they were working on and my friend hook me up! niceness in 10mins i was ready to head across....low and behold Carnival Kicks has a booth at collection! complete with boots, no prices lol to sell! So while yuh waitin on your band you taking in boots....niceness lmao.
Got my band and goody bag and was on my way. All in all collection took an hour. But Im glad I got to see Caspian sea fl backpack which is gorgeous and the fl to my costume, Moroccan Heat, which the flho said the backpack heavy...between you and me she may be a first timer lmao!

The costume is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In fact the belt is even prettier than the prototype, the colour is rich and I am excited!!!!!I must say the quality of Spice's costumes have improved drastically then last year and not one single thing dropped from costume, nothing!!! and trust me I played around with it plenty!

So the only qualm is the goody a recessionary goody bag, at least they put the sunblock in there eh! Thank God!!!!

All in all Spice gets a thumbs up for collection!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

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