Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My take on tribe's costume distribution

I arrived at nine o'clock, and the staff were  already getting things together to close down distribution for the day. I was greeted by friendly staff and was lead through an organized, but ridiculously long route to the cashiers. The cashiers then checked and verified everything and  reprinted another receipt and my pink slip. After coming form the cashiers and was then guided to the distribution area where my costume box was ready and waiting. The lady verified and checked everything and I signed that I saw everything. Then to collect my bands and so on, everythign was given to me and explained , as I am a first time TRIBEr. lol. Eveeryone was talking to my mom, because she knows them, thinking she was playing.lol.

Overall i was so excited about everything i opened my goodbag as soon as i got in the car.lol.Must say compared to goody bags i remember Legends and Poison used to give when i was smaller and my cousins played mas, with the basic, toothpast, tylonol and glitter, has come a long way.lol. And that cereal i was totally not expecting, a whole big box?! nah I couldn't believe it when i walked outside.

But aside from that, the only thing i'm disappointed with is the fact that the bras aren;t like wonderbra..lol..leaves your breast just looking normal. I wanted cleavage aid damnit!!!!lol.
But i am generally happy with my costume, i think it's beautiful , i still want a pair of wings (ne1 selling lemme kno) they were beautiful. i really think this section is a sleeper, in that it i s one of the most beautiful costumes.

My costume

My belt

My bra

My neckpiece, armpieces and leg pieces, respectively

my carnival preperations pt 2. - Make up!!!

Now, I have a reputation of looking good at all times, therefore its only right that I upkeep this tradtion on carnival monday and tuesday. So i've decided to reveal part of my make up scheme for my dear readers.

my carnival preparation

ok readers, since last I posted i promised photos of my sneaker project,make up and my costume.
sneaker: black reebok classic
project aim, painy a silver sneaker wit nice beading on the back to compliment my costume, titania.



  • first step, i cleaned any dirty surfaces off of shoe.
  • second step, I sprayed my first coat of primer paint and waited for 30 mins then sprayed first coat of metallic silver paint.

  • third step, I apllied a second coat of metallic silver paint to cover up any imperfections on the shoe (since it was very much broken in and had creases and thing)

  • fourth step, I applied the big beads first, which are pink.
  • fifth step, add on small clear crystals.

So thats my shoe projects so far!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Carnival is almost here!!!

 It was the week before carnival, all were in a rush for supplies but mimi. lol. It's been a while since i've updated but i've been busy with school, work and my costume!!. lol. I must admit i;m the kind of person who hates be disorganized when it coems to import thigns such as carnival. So this post is to help my fellow masqueraders whom have not really gotten their act together yet.

First step, create a list.
Now creatign a list eliminates the running up and down to the saem store over and over because of memory lapse. This list should include your accessoires and what ever necessities needed for costume.
My list comprised of:
  1. stockings from micles
  2. face jewels
  3. spirit gum
  4. spirit gum remover
  5. spray on glue
  6. pink glitter
  7. extra boy shorts
  8. earrings to match costume
  9. purse to match costume
  10. boots or sneakers
  11. neutrogena spf55 sunblock lotion
  12. Spray paint for boots or sneakers
  13. wings for my titania costume
2nd and 3rd step. Locate where items can be found and budget

For many of the items needed you can visit Samaroo's, Tulip Productions, Naipaul's, Wonderful world and eye Candy.
You should call around these places, pricing your goods, so that you can manage your money accordinlgy and not have to waste gas and time looking for these items. It allowas you to also select the place with the better price, thus avoiding the heartache of seeing the same good for 3/4 or 1/2 the price paid.

I hope this was helpful to most masqueraders. I fulfilled evertything on my list except for boy shorts and glitter.
In my next post i'll disclose my carnival appearance

Saturday, January 5, 2008

AC6 cancelled?!

It is rumor that AC6 is being cancelled. Various reasons i've heard. I heard that it's because of some ISland People fete on that night. who knows...but for now the rumor is that it's being cancelled

Friday, January 4, 2008

Soka in Moka... dissapointing

For the past few days i have only been able to recognize a plethora of disappointing reviews for Soka in Moka. This annual all- inclusive struck gold in the bad books of Trinidadians and feters. However, there was one semi negative/ positive report when the Trinidad Guardian Pulse Writer cast his views on the fete in today's Guardian


If Sunday's Soka in Moka is an indication of what can be expected in coming all- inclusive fetes for C2K8, by Carnival Weekend "who ain't dead, go be badly wounded."

Judging from the reaction of the people to the music and ambiance, seems that Trinis, especially or beautiful women, have been starving for some hot and spicy party action.

celebrating Trinity College's 50Th anniversary, principal LLewelyn Mc Intosh and VP Janice Richards pulled out all stops to ensure that patrons making the trek up to the scenic hills of Maraval were fully satisfied.

The food by Grannie's and bar services provided by B.A.R.S. were spot on, as were the peripheral delicacies, including a confectionery stall with toolum, sugar cake and fudge and Carol's shark 'n' bake.

An impressive fireworks display also marked the occasion.

In the music department, DJ Hurricane George helped save the day as the live acts sounded as though they were still under the influence of the festive season and not yet in full stride for C2K8.

The first all-inclusive of the season it was attended by President Max Richards and his wife Dr. Jean Ramjohn Richards; attorney general Bridgette Annisette- George; National Security Minister Martin Joseph; and Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture Donna Cox. Also seen in the mix were Liz Montano (Machel's mom); and visiting Hollywood actress Lorraine Toussant, a daughter of the soil who's starred on the silver screen and television' s Saving Grace and Ugly Betty, and CeCe Vandeveer (real name Nancy Snyder), who stars in Law & Order and The Shield.

Actually the madness of the fete scene has only begun and next up is tonight's St. Francois all- inclusive at St. John's ambulance Hall on Fitzblackman drive in Woodbrook, followed by QRC Foundation's Outta de Blue tomorrow.

In related News, the organisers of Hilarians' all- inclusive have shifted the venue from their January 12 event, from the Stadium to QRC grounds.
Its a long story.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Let's talk hair. One of the most import things to a comfortable experience for the road, is hair. Most persons end to keep it smple with a ponytail or bun.
Others keep their hair down or half up half down. Hair on the back of your neck, in my opinion, is quite bothersome and makes you feel more humid than it actual is. Unless you have braids. Braids is a good hassle free hairstyle and can be arranged in anyway to look chic and comfortable. And there's no safer cut than the short cut.

Carnival make up

It's Carnival Tuesday and your arrive to meet, your band. All the ladies in the band have fab make up, but all you have is a light dust of eyeshadow, eyeliner and glitter, can u feel anymore drab? Thus this post is inspired to help ladies look FAB on the road! It's Carnival and carnival is about creativity, so get creative on those eyes!

Now there are stations around town and Woodbrooke that offer this make up service for a small fee of lets say $100.For the persons who want to do it at home,here are some tips

Tips to apply carnival make up for yourself.

  1. Apply sun block to face first. ( make sure it's at least spf 30 don't want to end up looking toasted on Ash Wednesday)
  2. Let sun block settle, don't apply anything else to face for about 10mins.
  3. Apply foundation and concealer
  4. Dust a little powder to settle foundation with Powder brush
  5. Spray make up fixing spray
  6. Apply primer
  7. Apply make up. When applying eye make up, persons believes that face jewels make the make up look pretty and stand out. This can be found at your local wonderful world.. Wonderful world carries all shades of make, so looking for an unusual shade that's your store. Also applying a little iridescent fine glitter dust to over lip gloss, looks majestic also.
  8. Apply another coat of powder to settle in make up and finish with fixing spray
Here's some eye make up pics to tickle your fancy, and give an idea of what to do with your eyes.

This can compliment any costume, as well as silver mist.
Silver mist

The colours can be switched up on this to appeal to your costume

Don't mind the crazy hair d, this is can easily accentuate mystique

Good enough for Isis option a and b

Autumn Sprite

Water nymph

Carnival junction

 I can't believe people are trying to auction off costumes on Carnival junction. I bought my costume this year through Carnival junction. I was lucky enough to meet an honest person. But as saucy pointed out, these people are real and are actually auctioning off costumes.

 I think it's very unethical to do so, after all what we paying you extra for? cause you stood up in the line and registered for the costume. People should be glad that some one is willing to take it off their hands. And secondly 'ent the deadline for the transferring of costumes gone? So WHERE he going with that?! Look run away from here eh.

I honestly think the admins of Carnival junction should in fact omit any posts that are action for auctioned prices.

Tips in purchasing a costume from someone 

    1.PLEASE make sure the costume is your size

    2. ENSURE that the price you are paying for it is the down payment the person made on it...see it as reimbursing the person.

     3.ASK them to meet and handle all transactions at the mas cap, not outside, not in d mall or down d corner...IN D MAS CAMP in that way you are sure that they are not frauds or any such thing of that sort.

     4.Make sure they have the receipt for the costume too.

      5.Ensure that your name and contact is accurate when transferring names (if your band transfers names)

Carnival Addicts. My first blog

Hi everyone, My name is Michelle but call me mimi. This is my frist blog. As you guessed it, i'm preparing myself for the Carnival journey ahead, and would be relating to you my stories. Yesterday, January 2nd, I decided to start back dieting and excersizing. My plan? TO do at least one hour of jogging (walking when i get tired), an excersize plan which is to be done at least three imes a week and to top it all of, a low carb diet and  a cabbage soup diet at the end of the month incase i think i'm still too bulky to fit into my tribe costume.

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display