Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things I have learnt in the past week

Once again, I have nothing to report on so I will tell you what I've learnt in the past week
  1. Stupid Questions Deserve Stupid Answers
  2. Some make up ideas are to remain just what they are.... ideas! (see picture below)
  3. Costume trends are being recycled faster than paper
  4. Finding size 11 flat boots that are attractive and under US$70 is hard to find
  5. Memorial Weekend is the time to make sure you've got monetary funding on your credit card that you can shop like a mad woman!( just let ya'll know I missed this one lol Still cussing up till now)
  6. Pre-Fab houses are the shit! And will probably be all my generation will be able to afford by the time we are financially stable
  7. Car tax is a biatch! You know the tax that is added in addition to VAT that jacks up the price of any new car...good Lord
  8. Zac Efron did not sing the songs for High School Musical 1(gasp!) and a cute lil Canadian guy named Drew Seeley did. (he's gonna be Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid on Broadway this summer, see picture of drew at the bottom)
  9. Sure enough anywhere in the world there is a trini scamp ( see article here)
so yup I think that's about it!

(Photo Source - Toronto Lime )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have no Carnival Info. So I'll update u on myself

Just as the post says, I have absolutely no gossip, no carnival info to post on, This pre band launching/ post Trini Carnival season is a drab. Just with the occasional, St.Lucian band recreating costumes. There isn't much going on, that I know about to tell you.

So basically I've been spending time just being lazy, until my courses start. I am looking to take some cosmetology and advanced cake decorating courses to satisfy my thirst for learning more trades.lol.

I got my first blackberry, a 8320 for a grand total of TT$1630!(including the TT$300 customs charge and the TT$36 sky box freight charge) Take that b mobile with your ridiculous price of $3500! Isn't it cute? I already pimped it out with custom skins from Vision Skins and Unique Skins!lol All I had to do was just sign up for BIS everything worked great outside the box!!!

I am joining the gym from next month with the huzzy! Because I've thrown on alot of weight since Carnival and I now look like an elephant! lol

Oh I am also unleashing some bigger plans for Bags By Mimi this coming season, I'll be importing some necessities that will be unleashed as soon as band launching season kicks off!!!

Well anywho let me know what you my readers are up to! Toodles!!!lol

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display