Friday, October 23, 2009

The Backline/Homemade Individual or Individualized Backline

So I read Saucy's post today and I have to say that after reading that and the comments, the 'Backline Individual' talk has gone too far. Being one of the people who was present in CBOX and initiated the 'Backline Individual' talk I think I need to lay down my opinion on this issue.

The Backline or Homemade Individual or Individualized Backline or what ever you want to call it is basically, when someone has a backline costume and add something extra which makes a noticeable but PLEASENT change in their backline costume. BIs are not meant to take over, overpower or push up themselves infront of their section, frontliners or individuals, as I said on the SPICE FB discussion board, they did not buy the right to do so. After FHOs and indis pay TT5k+ for their costumes, BIs have no right to push to be infront because its simply not your place.

I don't know about others, but I know the reason why I am adding a BackPack, is that I could have afforded Frontline, but simply I have other priorities and that 2K could and has been used in other areas, however I want to add a little extra so I am making a small shoulder backpack to satisfy my want of having a personalized costume. Maybe the reasons why people are looking to this phenomenon is simple maybe they couldn't have afforded a Frontline or maybe they just express themselves as a creative individual or they find their costume lacking. Perhaps if bands start introducing more options then this can decrease the number of persons wanted to take up the BI approach.

Two questions that keeps coming up are: How much is too much? and Should you contact your Band to inform them of Your customization?
In my opinion, I think that once the original costume is not recognizable or looks cosquelle, its too much. When customizing try to get the right colours and trims to match your costume, don't put brown feathers on a yellow costume,etc.
With respect to informing your band however, in my utmost honest opinion I don't find it necessary, simply because I am paying for it and when I paid and signed that dotted line, there was no fine print or contractual obligation that stated I cannot add extras. In my eyes its like buying a car, if you buy it and add rims, flare kit and spoiler, can they do something about it?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wee International Taking a Step up!

Normally when people say wee international I usually think WTF? However of the past few years they've been in operation, they've built a following and clearly building up a better design team! No longer are there much "WTH" designs but more along the lines of "This can work!"

Check out the article!

Friday, October 16, 2009

First bag of the season sewn!

Hiya guys!

So I got my new machine and sewed my first bag of the season for Threads of Morocco!
bags in the container waiting to decorate

So as most of you know, my sewing machine died this vacation, I ran through 2 machines in 9months! So i knew it was time to step up to a fully industrial machine. I searched and searched and finally found the one for me the yamata fy8500!
This machine is a God send! It sails through layers of fabric like nothing and my God is it fast, took me a while to get accustomed to it! In the end when I got the hang of it finished a bag in 5 minutes!!! Now that's a record!! I love my machine!!!!
the workstation/ my new machine!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display