Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SPICE Tuesday

me and rene

Oh gado allyuh I was tooo tired to write this up last night, so it had to wait till today.
Anywho, so yuh girl had to get her make up done, I was one in three frontlines so I had to come correct!!!

So afterwards I ended up meeting the band probably around10 o'clock somewhere there. so we chip for a while (they had just crossed the stage) and we took a lil break for a 15 mins, where there were dancers and stuff doing a lil something something, encouraging even masueraders to join if they wanted to(see second video). It was very entertaining,and a pleasent surprise. We then went for lunch, which was similar menu, I had BBQ chiken, potato salas and fresh salad. There were peas in the box, but I didn't eat it.(peas!ugh!)

And lucky for me, the rain fell while we were eating so I parked my rass in the bleachers and ate.
After I ate, I went to tribe and looked for my girlies then waited till the rain subsided and we were back in search of the band. So wew text Weh D band and they gave us the wrong address. So while the text said on Warner and Cipriani, they were really crossing Adam Smith Square!!!! So you could imagine my rage hhenI missed crossing yet another Stage!!!!!!!!!!

So we had to trek down to the band and met them intime to cross synergy stage!
So while yuh girl was taking a pic with me friend from some tourist, as soon as I walked away to leave, there were more pics, in the end my firend and I stayed for about 15 mins taking pics....i felt bitey! I felt like a shilling!!! now ah know how machel felt monday night when ppl were bombarding him for pictures outside spice mas camp! so when you see me all over the place let me know!

So anywho so i cross d synergy stage and we made our way into down town where we were given snacks( lollies and some damn good aloopie!) we probably waited about an hour or 2 to cross the stage and oh gado allyuh i realll represent for d Scotch Bonnet crew, before meh battery give out on me n i had to recharge like d lucozade man (mimi gettin old yuh know)
anyway we had fun and the band stopped by the mas camp around 8

My only quams about tuesday was that for a good bit of the day the security was laxed and the dj had to constantly keep the 'Rope' security in check! Also the trucks were moving very fast at points in time and need to slow it down a bit!
and last but not least, after we cross downtown the wee wee truck then goes back to wherever it came from, so affter down town, no wee wee truck! What the hell?!At LEAST make an announcement when the wee wee truck leaving nah

So I must say alll the costume....alll! even Garden of Sage loooked good! I was extremely
happy with my costume and the collar was verrryyy comfortable! and a lot of people were impressed with the band!!!!In fact one of my brother's friends admitted he was sold on Spice and will indeed play next year! I know for a fact that Spice has a theme for next year,what it is though? I can't tell you ha!

Monday, February 23, 2009

SPICE Monday!

So yuh girl had a ball!!!!! I palance for all of you people who did not make it for Carnival!
So Spice was meeting 9am but uh girl reach 12. Just in time for lunch!
I had Bar-B- Que which tasted good but needed some dressing. It was a lot of food and yuh girl ketch her rass to eat it, i could've only eaten about a half.

We got on the road and I must admitt that the eye candy factor...could get a 4 out of 5! Because MY GOODNESS the man dem fine!!!!! and d girls sweet too...

The band turn out was small at the beginning but it grew alot, but I know for a fact that the actual numbers in the band are alot, so much so that apparantly Scotch Bonnet sold out!
The Vibe was also very nice and I saaw a ltop of people who played in TRIBE last year in that band. And apparantly we looked so good I was asked about 4 times if this was TRIBE.
It was jamishness till 7!

The bathrooms/ wee wee truck was extremely clean, complete with mirror and foot pump sink and soap, that never ended! It was complete with pins, muscle relaxer, pain killers, pads, tampons, panty shields (regular and thongs)

The bar was very good the people were uber polite! I never had polite service like that ever!!!!!!
And the drinks were good, I didn;t here anything about running out.

All in all,I loved their vibe, their service, everything! But again this is only Monday, we will find out Tomorrow!

I have to say colour stay is the best, I ddin't have to do any touch up!!! at all! love it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Call me at 299 2297 or 730 4565
or email me at

I have drawstring bags to match your carnival costumes
for the following sections

Caged Canary,Night Owl,
Ruby Topaz,
Spangled Cotinga,
green honeycreeper
brazilian macaw

touch ( 5 available)

Most are either medium (fitting Carmera, phone and money, )
or large ( fitting, camera, phone, compact, money, mini sunblock, blotting sheets, lip gloss)

for more info email
or call 299 2297

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my boots

so as some of you know, I was not going to paint my boots because they are too cute for that So i just added a feather boa that I got at Tulip for $125.00 ( yes allyuh I finally got it!)

Then I headed into the mall tonight after I met up with bunny!

So i got myself 2 stockings from Westport for $20 each and a hat

I went into Pennywise and picked up some Braid spray
  • Eye brow blades
  • Arista compact in Nutmeg! (Yes i got it!)
Then checked into Wonerful world
  • Some earrings that were on sale 2 for $12 to match with my costume
  • she gloo and duo eyelash glue( found the duo after i got the she gloo :-( )!
  • red cherry falsies!
Then got my pasty bra to wear under my bra for Tuesday!

I would say that I am all set!

SPICE collection review!!!! Part Deux!!!

So now onto the costume itself

So this is the bra, it looks the same as it did

The Waist piece looks good as gold also

The leg pieces, look shorterr and this the smarted thing I've seen, they but one elastic strap so that they can fit properly, very smart!
The arm pieces, I noticed were missing the feathers, so I added my own ( perks of left over stock from bag making! lol)

Neck piece is gorgeous! The sraps were a little long so I cut it and added velcro

Headpiece, the had an elastic band at the base, which if I even tried will take off any eyelashes and jewels I will have on for tuesday. SO you know your girl cut it as added velcro!( long live almight velcro!)

BackPack/ shoulder Pack
It looked good, but somehow I can't put my finger on it but it feels a bit differnt from the proto type! Butit's good still and surprsigingly comfy!

  • The looses sequins keep dropping a bit
  • The glueing is a bit untidy
  • Arm pices were a little stiff
  • Headpiece elastic just a bit too tight!
  • Even though the sizes were off the bra has good support
  • Easily adjustable waist piece.
  • Easily adjustable leg pieces.
  • Light backpack and headpiece
All in all I love my costume!!!

The goodie bag

SPICE collection review!!!!

So I was aiming to reach Spice at 2pm but due to certain issues, yuh girl did not reach until 3:15pm.
Anyway, when I arrived, I was greeted by a tenet and about 10 people for the most sitting under it.So my boy CJ who was handlin the tent, told me to take a seat n wait in a while, I probably waited for 15 minutes and then was called upstairs, we I meet 5 people in the front room, seated waiting to be called for payment.

After I waited about 10 minutes there, we were called to sit and wait till a cashier clears up in order for us to cash. ( Does this musical chairs sound familiar? :::(Insert cough here)TRIBE(and here)::: Anyway, moving, now this is where the real test of patience and waiting came through. I probably sat waiting for the cashier to clear for about 30 minutes. No lie. There were 3 cashiers, one dedicated to the right side of the room, and there were another 2. The other 2 were kept up for about 30 minutes. The first cashier, apparently a couple who register in Prive, their registration info was not entered on the computer so they had to go in d filing cabinet and manually find their files. The second cashier had a couple who were collecting for like the wholeee nation!

So after my mother unleash the bad Grenadian in her, and had some words with Anya ( no foul language! my momma has class ppl!) Anyway, the cashiers cleared up, we waited for about 5 minutes and got on our way. The cashier however did not check my ID and I am worried that if that is her regular practice that ppl could be walking away with costumes.

Anywho! I got my fully printed receipt and was then ushered (by the same girl who registered me, the one who modeled Peppercorns (she nice eh!)) Anyway, got ushered where i got FHO treatment, I was asked what bra size I would like to try on, Tried on several bras, until coming to a conclusion of a 36DD which by the way is no where near my size. I was shocked to see that the straps, weren't clear but where also red!! yay!!!!

Then I was asked what size is my waist, i said 38" and was presented with a large belt, tried it on, and apparently yuh girl lost reall inches because It was over big! So much so I had to change to a medium because no matter how much you had adjust it, it was just too big!!!

Afterwards, I was shown how to put on my back(well shoulder) pack! and got my panty and extra boyshorts, which btw i heard from bunny that they are the same as Tribe's own and I believe they may be locally made, but they fit good though!

After that, I picked up my stuff and headed to the last table where I got my goodie bag and band! I even have a band for the toilet, look ting!

So on to the goodie bag!
Goodie bag contained (this is female i dunno bout males eh)
  1. tampon
  2. monster condom
  3. another condom
  4. orbit white gum
  5. dentene ice gum (sample pack)
  6. banana boat sun block spf30
  7. banana boat aloe vera after sun gel
  8. aids/ safe sex pamphlet
  9. spice book
  10. dermae natural bodycare Organic Expressions Hydrating Day creme
  11. dermae natural bodycareTea Tree and E Antispectic creme
  12. dermae natural bodycare Organic Expressions Facial Cleanser
  13. dermae natural bodycare$100 Gift Certificate for Facial and consultation
  14. Wonderworld 10% voucher
  15. Spice/Monster cup ( just like the bmobile!)
  16. Sunsilk De Frizz, shampoo, Conditioner
  17. Advil Liqui - Gels

  • Cute goodie bag
  • GREAT customer service
  • SPEEDY cashing ( once it doh have any issues)

  • Only 3 cashiers
  • Bras weren't appropriately sized

  • Perhaps they should designate a cashier especially for those who registered outside of the camp like in Prive and Wicked in White
  • and another for those collecting for groups of more than 3.
But unlike me, who had a relatively smooth collection, Sapo, on the other hand ( one of the bloggers) had to switch from her Scotch Bonnet Frontline to Cardamom Frontline, because of how the bra fit. The cups are short and therefore everything was outside for Sapo, so she had to switch. Also Rene also didn't get her Headpiece for Sea Salt FL till today and that costume was due for collection since THURSDAY!
But all in all for a new band, they weren't too bad for first timers!

Now here is the lineup
  1. Paprika
  2. Brown Suger
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Melilot Bleu
  5. Golden Basil
  6. Peppercorns
  7. Garden of Sage
  8. Mediterranean Borage
  9. Scotch Bonnet (WTF?)
  10. Cardamom
So d line up Shitty! let we not even go ther, but whatever, it looks like the reall party is at the back!

So we meeting at Memorial Park
Monday - 9am
Tuesday 6:30 am

Rest stop, is at QRC grounds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I decided I am not spray painting my boots, because it is too cute for that! I love it and I don't want to 'spoil' it as my brother who hardly if ever comments on my clothes and shoes! So anyway, my niece, (yes d fiery one I does talk about) is having some kind of Carnival jump up in her school where they have costumes and stuff. I don't know what the costume looks like but all I know was it is supposed to be red and gold. Hence, the shoes!
Yes i did it myself!

So here are the steps.
  1. tape off sole and areas you don't want to get painted!
  2. i spray painted the entire shoe
  3. spray on glue and let it set for 2-5 minutes or dictated time.
  4. sprinkle glitter on shoe, leave for about 5 minutes then tap shoe to get extra off.
  5. add any other decorations!
  6. finito!
And I am going to braid my hair tomorrow!!! yay!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Campus Carnival 2009

So as some of you know Campus Carnival was Friday gone and Iw as actively involved, since my sister in law and her boyfriend were bringing out a band...Children of the Forest! It was 2008 reigning champs! And in my honnest opinion all things aside, it was the best looking band...honestly.

Campus Carnival is a good option to those who do like playing mas but not in the day, who cannot afford to pay $2500 and up for a costume and those who just want to have a little fun before Carnival monday and Tuesday to get them in the mood. The bands, most of them if not all are all inclusive with drinks and food. Mostly cornsoup and doubles or something simple like that. Don't go expecting to get a TRIBE or IP bar; Remember it is students who are organising it after all ...

But what I could tell you it was reallll jamishness! It put me in the right mood for this coming week, so much so that I don't feel I could think straight nah, all I hearing in my head s soca, and all I seeing is me, on people dem car wining down d place. And d hubby wasn't around for too long ( like he was trying to make this resemble carnival monday and tuesday) it was even more jamishness!!!!! All i have is memory of me stick up on d side of somebody car(poor ting) while my friend sabrina...(yes sabrina who does make d bags n dem! ) pelt waist liek it goin out of style and back it up on was bachannal! But I am ttelling you I exectued FHOness to the highlest elvel...the face was always on point, I was captivating plenty camera, Ie ven chop up meh jersey and make it an off the shoulder top! Yes! I executed it quite ell for a first timer, it is safe to say I am ready for d road!!!!

But my sister in law will make a good FHO look at this girl cosutme that she made all by herself nah!! I am proud!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Make up and SPF for OTR

Well campus carnival was last night! And oh gosh it was gooodddd!!!1 I don't know why it wasn't next weekend so I would've been in the right frame of mind for Monday and Tuesday.
So I applied Black Opal Creme Stick once again and I must say I am very pleased! It withstand all the sweating, don't mind it was the night time, I was still sweating profusely. With just a little touch up of arista compact powder ($14.95 Pennywise)

I think for the divas who don't want to go through the trouble of adding lashes an option is lash extending mascara. It really does work and I love it! I use L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara, It's a little on the costly side but its worth it!
And the tip Afro Chic gave once about the fix it spray and eyeshadow! Great tip! I tried it and my eyeshadow stayed on so well and was so vibrant that I even when I wet myface, it stayed on!!!

So basically here are the make up tips!
  • do make sure, you're brushes and sponges are clean before application
  • make sure face is properally primed
  • use fix it sprays and setting powders
  • use oil control/blocking mechanisms like Black Opal Oil Blocking powder. Mac Oil Control Lotion
  • Use fix it spray or toner on your brush or eyeshadow spong when applying! Keeps Eyeshadow on and bright!
  • keep a small compact with mirror and powder ( i use Arista, they're cheap and get the job done!)

Now on to the sunblock. How much is too much protection? As far as I've researched truthfully there seems to be no limit, just myths more or less about having to high a sun block. Tip do not buy your neutrogena sunblock in Pennywise Trincity because as the spf increases so does the price, I paid one flat price for my SPF85 sunblock in Pennywise Arima, so please be careful with choosing and buying sun block. In my opinion a sunblock of spf45 and higher is necessary! Don't go lower than that or else you will look like a turkey!

Sunblock tips
  • look for one that has dry touc, i.e doesn't go on looking pasty or greasy
  • buy sunblock not sunscreen there is difference
  • apply it often through out the day for best protection, so make use of those mini tubes ppl!
  • avoid rubbing into eyes, happened to my friend last year and she had a burning watering eye wholeee of tuesday!
  • put on sunblock before moisturizer, primer and make up!

That's all for today folks!

well is about damn time! spice schedule

Spice Distribution Schedule

TUESDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Brown Sugar Regular, Brown Sugar Male, Sea Salt Regular,Sea Salt Male

WEDNESDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Mediterranean Borage Female, Mediterranean Borage Male, Paprika Regular ,Paprika Male, Peppercorns Regular, Peppercorns Male

THURSDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Cardamom Regular, Cardamom Male, Cardamom Frontline, Sea Salt Frontline, Brown Sugar Frontline

FRIDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Garden of Sage Female, Garden of Sage Male, Golden Basil Male, Golden Basil Regular, Golden Basil Frontline, Peppercorns Frontline

SATURDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Scotch Bonnet Regular, Scotch Bonnet Male, Scotch Bonnet Frontline, Melilot Bleu Frontline, Melilot Bleu Regular, Melilot Bleu Male

SUNDAY (2 pm - 8 pm)
Foreign Masquerader Collections & Sales

*Please be advised that all costumes not collected by 4 pm on Sunday 22nd will be sold by spice and the masquerader forfeits his/her down payment and rights to costume.

All masqueraders are required to bring their original spice receipts along with a valid form of identification (ID, DP, PP).

All masqueraders collecting for friends or family are required to walk with a letter of consent from the original masquerader, with a copy of his/her ID.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harts Distribtuion Schedule

So I opened up the guardian this morning to look for meh band schedule...lo and spice....but harts ??? Was da one jed?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SPICE distribution schedule will be out tomorrow

got this from the group in facebook

"Spice will be posting its costume collection in the newspapers (Express and Guardian) this Thursday 12th February.

It will also be posted on the website (, via email and facebook.

Look out for it!!!

Spice up your life....see you on the road!!!!"
Meanwhile checkout saucy's posts on TRIBE Distribution!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the road survival....when you and yuh crew split up

So after seeing Saucy;s post on TRIBE's Line up I am surprised a bit but happy at the same time, it's an ok line to not make any section feel inferior so placing a less attractive costume with another is all good to me. But the question arises.... "I'm in blue tanger and my crew in Green Honey creeper, etc. What do I do? How am I gonna find them?! Huh? Huh?HUH?!!!!"

Relax my friends. The solution is simple.....
  1. Have designated meeting points after crossing the 'stages' (can you hear my sarcasm with saying stages....scoff!) for example.:- You and crew have to split up to cross the stage downtown Port of Spain, aim to meet back up by KFC.
  2. Always keep a cell phone in hand ( and please try to leave your blackberry home...we ain't want nobody trying to thief your phone, it is carnival and the guntas will be on the prowl sorry to bust your bubble!) so that in the event you get detached or lost ring them not text because on Carnival Monday and Tuesday the servers go haywire and sometimes you don't receive text messages at the time when they were sent....lets try 3 hrs later you'll get it....
  3. Try yuh very best not to stray from crew and band!!!!!! Very important! Especially to the newbies, don't stray because you see a man doing airbrushing tattoos and you want one, unless you know where the band going and your crew know where you going! stay your tail in the damn band! Always be accompanied by at least one person...please!
That's the end of my tips for today have a blessed day everyone...buh bye!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birds of Paradise and Golden Dove!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!!
Here are two bags for TRIBE
One Bird of Paradise and the other Golden Dove

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The long awaited set!!! IP Carnival and TRIBE ALB

So I know many ppl have been wondering what I would do for those costumes, so here is what I've done....

Tribe African Love bird!
IP - Carnival

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So as you have known, I was having major difficulties with my sewing machine and had to order a part off the internet. Well when yuh girl finally does get the part imagine my surprise when the friggin part break in the same spot the other one broke in after 15 minutes...15 minutes ah say!! of sewing!
Well thank the Lord we had an old sewing machine which is working like new!

Orders are still closed off, this post is just giving my ppl an update!

Scotch Bonnet


Ray of Light

introducing the Napsack!
htis is the firsy pic of it, freashly sewn I aint even cut off d extra thread and thing fuss I was excited!
now decorated ans thread clipped

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday Wear

So My friend Sabrina the one who does the bra, made my bra for me, so here are pics!!!
So remember you can email her at

Spice and Mac at west Mall

So unfortunately I didn't get to go to westmall for Spice and MAC and I know they said that they would put up pics, well its on Spice FB Fan Page!!!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display