Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carnival comin again!!!!

We are currently in the month of June with just about 2 weeks to spare till the band launches come flooding in.And of course you know I will be in attendance for SPICE, TRIBE and possibly Island People's band launches.
But anywho, since I started playing 'big people' mas, I've realised it is an expensive thing, that is if your gonna do it right; the divalicious carnival addict way! When i say the divalicious carnival addict way, i mean:
  • eyelash extension
  • sun protection products
  • boots not sneakers
  • extra accessorize your costume and boots
  • make up
  • Monday wear
  • Epsom salt(lol jus pullin yuh leg)
  • bling cup
This list, may be short, but after I tackle each aspect, you might just change your mind.
So i'll first start with Eyelashes. There are so many questions asked about eyelashes like, will they stay on all day? will they irritate me, I don't know which one to buy? should i just purchase any old eyelash glue?

SO I've decided I will help you out!

Q: What glue should I use?

A:When it comes to eyelash glue, there's nothing else better than DUO eyelash glue. It sells for about US$6. a pop at or The glue comes in white/clear, that goes on white and dries clear, and black. Preferably use the white/clear, that way mistakes won't be too visible. Ensure when you are applying glue to lashes, make sure that the ends get the most glue, because that is where the lashes are most likely to lift off from.

Q: What are the best lashes to use?
A: Sephora and MAC makes good fake eyelashes (most are US$10.00) and Shu Uemura makes amazing ones too, but the Shu ones can definitely be pricey.When it comes to false lashes I've found the drugstore ones to be just as good as any of the more expensive ones.

Ardell is a great drugstore brand of lashes, they're about US$3.00-US$5.00 a pair depending on where you buy them, and you can find them at any drugstore, as well as Walmart and Target. Maybelliene and Revlon also make good, cheap false lashes right around the US$5.00 mark as well. Revlon has introduced the concept of self-adhesive eyelashes, which I have heard, worked great! I may just try those next year!

Q:How long can I wear lashes?
A:Personally I only like to wear false lashes once or twice and then toss them. It's a lot easier on the pocketbook to wear & toss false lashes when they cost less than US$5.00 instead of US$10.00-US$25.00 and on up depending on who makes them and what they're made of. It's also a lot cleaner and safer for the eyes.

Q:When and How should I apply them?

A:False lashes should be applied after you are finished with the rest of your eye makeup, except for your mascara. First hold the lashes up to your lash line, check to make sure they're not too long for your eyelid and if they are trim a bit of the longer ends off to match the length of your eyelid. You can curl your lashes lightly or leave them as is. Using a pair of tweezers to hold the lashes, very lightly apply a tiny, very thin strip of eyelash glue to the lash base. You might want to practice the lash glue line on your hand a couple of times to get it just right. Blow gently on the glue you just applied for a few seconds so it gets "tacky", this will make it less likely to slip around your eyelid and make a mess. Look downward into a mirror and using the tweezers or a very steady hand, gently lay the fake lash strip on top of your natural lash line. You may need to tap it gently in a couple of places (with your finger or the end of a makeup brush) to get it in just the right spot and to make the lashes adhere properly. Once the lashes are in place allow about 5 minutes or so for the glue to dry. After the glue is dry you can use your regular mascara (assuming it's the same color as the lashes your just applied) to blend your natural lashes in with the false ones. You only need a little bit of mascara to do this, don't apply as much as you normally would without the false lashes. And they're you go! If you want to apply some eyeliner to help further blend in your false lashes, I suggest a black liquid liner applied on top of the fake lash line (and just slightly above it) and winged out just a little at the end of the eye. If you need to apply liner after you apply your lashes, liquid liner is best because it's less likely to "drag" and cause your lashes to become loose.

or you can view theses videos

How to apply false lashes

How to apply false lashes vid 2
Ford models: How to apply false lashes
Sephora's how to apply false lashes

Q:How do i remove them?

A:False lashes should only be worn for one day or evening, and you should never sleep in them. They are best removed with an oily makeup remover applied to a cotton pad. Hold the cotton pad over your eye for about 20 seconds or so until the lashes slip out easily. The oil in the makeup remover will dissolve the latex in the eyelash glue, this is why an oil based makeup remover is necessary. You should never just pull or tug your false lashes out. Along with being painful this will also cause many of your natural lashes to be pulled out as well!

Q:Can i reuse them?

A:If you plan on wearing the same set of lashes again, use the oily makeup remover to gently remove whatever remains of the eyelash glue. Gently rinse the lashes off with water and set them back in the case they came in along the little curve the came on. Cared for properly you can expect a couple of good uses out of a set of false lashes, although as I mentioned I prefer to only use them a couple of times at most. A new fresh set is always going to look better and apply easier than a used set

Q:Where can I purchase these eyelashes?


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