Friday, July 4, 2008

Behind a headpiece lies a beautiful face Part 5 : All that glitters is not gold!

Due to recent increase in readers, this has motivated me even more to write a new post almost everyday when I should be studying for d people CAPE accounting! But its alright, I'll take this as my break, my relaxation.

So down to business. So in an earlier post, I pointed out a silver surfer amidst the plethora of make up pictures. To refresh your memory please refer to this post. But anyway, when applying body glitter, I find that iridescent glitter such as the ones Wonderful World and Westport Body ( in 2007, I still have it and it going strong!) sell look classier than those opaque ones provided with your costume. These little jars of body glitter come in little 2g bottles and are sold at $25. a pop in a large array of iridescent colours. A prime example of the classy look using iridescent glitter is this one

As you can see it looks as though she is almost glowing and glimmering in the sun, not like silver surfer on the side here

Most times the glitter comes loose, so in an effort to avoid looking like silver surfer and anything along those lines, I've decided to give a few tips.

Tip no.1 Baby Oil
When applying loose glitter to the body, it is best to use pour some baby oil in the palm of your hand and then add some glitter to it, then rub it on your body, that way the glitter applies smoothly and doesn't come off.

or you can try :-

Tip no.2 Make your own glitter gel.

So you purchase your glitter and you studyin, boy dis ting reallll messy!!! So yuh wondering how I going and apply this. Well here's a lovely solution

  • Fragrant body glitter
Things You Will Need:
½ cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 tbsp Fine Craft Glitter
10 drops Fragrant Oil or Essential Oil
Take a bowl and mix glitter dust in aloe vera gel well.
Put in a few drops of fragrant oil, essential oil or any perfume to make it fragrant.
Use the spoon to put it in an airtight container for storage purposes.

  • Body glitter (no fragrance)
½ cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 Teaspoon Glycerin
2 Teaspoons Glitter
Metallic confetti (optional)

Mix gel and glycerin together, sprinkle in glitter and confetti and blend. Then spoon into container for storage.

N.B both Aloe Vera and glycerin are available at pharmacies. The fragant oil, can be available wherever they sell aromatherapy things, i think some pharmacies carry some.( not too sure).

Tip no.3 Spray on glitter

Check Saucy's post on Jerome Russell's spray on glitter, for easy application that covers eveywhere nicely. Available at Wonderful World.

I know you probably want to know where i got these recipes from so here are my sources
Body glitter gel

Fragrant body glitter gel

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