Thursday, June 26, 2008

Behind a headpiece, lies a beautiful face...

Now with the global phenom that Carnival has become, there's no telling where your face may land up! Thats why one must always be prepared.

Carnival make up tips:

  • On the road, have a bag, complete with sunblock, powder, lipstick or lipgloss, oil absorbing or blotting sheets
  • 30mins Before applying any make up to the face or body apply a generous amount of sun screen and lay down in a cool room with fan or ac so skin wouldn't be greasy.
  • It may be a good idea to get your make professionally done. Airnrushed make-up is a lightweight makeup that lst all day long and requires minimal touch up.
  • However if your perfectly capable of applying your own make up the following tips are for you
  • Apply moisturizer, try oil-free or oil- absorbant moisterizers with an sunblock
  • Apply primer before putting on make up. Saucy pointed out Milk of Magnesia is a good low budget item that works just as good as a clinique primer!
  • Apply foundation with make up sponge, so far the only make up I can give testiment to is Revlon Color Stay foundation, my mom uses it and it works good. I use Black Opal Creme Stick and I think that is a miracle in a stick, it's like concealer and foundation in one.
  • Here's a little inside tip i learnt from my cousin, she's a make up artist:- if you want your make up to to stay on all day, use Sacha Kamoflage Setting Powder, just dust a little on with powder brush or u can use the puff thing, they give you, that sets your foundation and creates a smooth base.
  • Now you apply your eye and lip make up.
  • Apply Translucent powder.
  • Spray Sacha's Fix it Spray Make up setting spray
  • Apply lashes.
  • Apply any face jewels with eyelash glue or spirit gum, but i used spirit gum and some jewels came off.

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