Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make way for Carnival 2010 ( Monday Bra tutorial inside)

So, Finally, I feel as though I am coming into the Carnival Mix as everything is falling in place.

I've finished sewing most of the BBM orders and jsut have 7 more bags to do, excluding my own!

I spray Painted my boots gold yesterday and in the process of decorating them
I got my monday bra and decorated it already!

Tips on Monday Bra Decorating
  • Try to find a bra that fits you well, do not get an ill fitting bra in attempts to make cleavage or enhance cleavage.
  • Do not...I repeat Do Not glue on anything to the band. If you glue on anything to the band, it will not be able to stretch and thus your bra will probably not make it around your back. If it does, your design will be stretched out and crackled.
  • You don't have to look for a bra in your section colour, all you need is a needle, some thread a glue gun and fabric or stretch sequin bands in your section colour.
Tutorial on how to make a Monday Bra that I got from this chick on Craftster

Tut no1 - Stretch Sequin

Step1 : Stitch on the stretch sequin onto the band, horizontally!

Step 2 - Covering the side of the cup to the band, wrap at edge of cup/beginning of band and fold edges over cup and stitch

Step 3 - Using a hot glue gun, stick the other pieces of sequin band diagonally onto the cup

Step 4 - Cut the strap but remember to stitch it back when finished covering the cup

Tut no 2 Fabric Covered

Step 1- Place bra ontop of fabric and cut around it leaving an extra inch of space

Step 2- Using needle and thread or a glue gun, cover the bra and pull tightly to ensure no slack spaces! Stitch or glue the edges onto the back of the cup

Step 3 : Some fabrics such as brocade and sequin tend to be rough on skin, thus some satin ribbon should be glued on the back of the cup to cover the fabric

Step 4 : Cut out fabric 1 inch larger than band and repeat the steps taken with the bra cups!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

6 Weeks to a New You!

So, I was on macobook and came across this great local site, Anatomie!

There are special sample workout programs which Anotomie guarantees can change any person's body once followed strictly and dieting properly!!! I for one will definitely be maintaining this workout, since I started very late, but honestly, I will work out and gain back everything in Christmas, so why not just start till late lol?

A 6 week training program intended to lower the body fat percentage of any female, giving way to that toned body. Remember that you’ve got to have those quality reduced calories – refer to the nutrition page.

All exercises are demonstrated and explained in detail on the demonstration page and if any questions arise please click on post a question listed on the women page.

Frequency- 3 days

Intensity - Moderate

Duration - 105 Minutes

8 to 12 Minutes Warm UpModerate
Machine Chest Press2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Front Raises2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Overhead Extensions2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Flies2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Machine Shoulder Press2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Cable Tricep Press Downs2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Incline Press2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Lateral Raise2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Tricep Dips2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
15 Minutes Combination CoreAll Out Effort
40 Minutes Aerobics/CardioIntense

8 to 12 Minutes Warm UpModerate
Cable Overhead Pull Downs2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbell One Arm Rows2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Barbell Bicep Curls2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Low Row Pulls2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Hyper Extension2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Concentration Curls2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
15 Minutes Combination CoreAll Out Effort
40 Minutes Aerobics/CardioIntense

8 to 12 Minutes WarmupModerate
Leg Press2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Lunges2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Inner Thigh2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Outer Thigh2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Leg Extensions2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Leg Curls2 Sets x 30 Repetitions
Standing Calf Raises4 Sets x 15 Repetitions
Seated Calf Raises4 Sets x 15 Repetitions
15 Minutes Combination CoreAll Out Effect
40 Minutes Aerobics/CardioIntense

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad....Feliz Navidad to all the Carnival Addicts that I love too bad!!! Mimi wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas! From the bottom of my hearttttt!!!!!

I hope allyuh like meh lil rendition eh!
Anywho, here are some Christmas shopping savings, get something with that money Granny give yuh nah!

Don't forget the BBM Last Lap Specials, Valid till January 1st 2010
Bag Specials:

Buy 2 bags and get 50% off the Undecorated Bag Price of any Additional Bag
Boot Specials:
Buy 2 boots and get any additional pair for 1/2 price!

Survivor Packs:
Purchase a survivor pack and get any undecorated drawstring pouch free!

Purhcase more then 5 survivor pack itmes and get any undecorated bags at half price

So gather up your friends, come in groups and enjoy the Last Lap Specials!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Carnival Kicks

Hi Guys!
So as Carnival draws near, maybe you just got a costume and scrambling for footwear to match, head on over to Carnival Kicks! They've got a limited selection of styles to fit most sizes and to match most colours! Did you know they were the ones who supplied Spice with their boots at the launch! Yes those same boots I was raving about when I saw them!!! They looked really comfy, if only my size was available...anywho take a trip over to carnival kicks nah!

Carnival Addict Super Saver Tip:
I recommend using a SkyBox with them though, as shipping is costly direct to Trinidad.

Monday, December 14, 2009

D Krewe Section Line up

Get in yuh Section!

Band Line up on de road 2010

1. Rainforest

2. Desert

3. Riptide

4. Soufriere

5. Hawk

6. Zulu

7. Comancheros

8. Tsunami

9. Yellow Fever

10. Passion

11. Venom

12. Kindred Spirit

13. Sorcerers

For further information call 622-8834 or 622-1716
email ;

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guess the Costume Sweepstakes Winners

Round 1
Answer :Moroccan Heat
Winner : Kay Elliot
Prize : A bag compliments BBM

Round 2
Answer : Autumn Sprite
Winne : Denicia Hernandez
Prize : 1 Bottle Fletch Dry

Round 3
Answer : Jean and Dinah
Winner : Esita Charles Watson
Prize : 3 Survivor Pack Items

Thanks for playing Guess the Costume!
Stay tuned for another contest coming in February!

Round 1 and 2 Winners! Last and Final Round 3

Round 1 : Kay Elliot! Complimentry Bag from BBM
Round 2 : Denicia Hernandez 1 bottle of fletch dry waterproofing Powder

Now onto Round 3

The person with the correct answer will be given the following:

Three Survivor Pack Items of their Choice

Send in your answers to with the subject "costume guess" with the following:




No Hints this rounds!

Round 2 Guess the Costume

Round 1 Winner has been choosen!

Now onto Round 2
Just guess the costume in this picture and you can win any one of the following!

The person with the correct answer will be given EITHER ONE of the following:


Send in your answers to with the subject "costume guess" with the following:




Hint: Costume is from a past Presentation

Guess the Costume Sweepstakes

So no one ever guessed all the costumes! Here is your chance to win again!
Just guess the costume in this picture and you can win any one of the following!

The person with the correct answer will be given EITHER ONE of the following:



Send in your answers to with the subject "costume guess" with the following:




Hint: This costume is one of 2010's spicy presentations!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bags Done so Far!

Hi Guys, so here are some pics of a few bags done for carnival...much more to come in January, I've got a lot of incomplete bags, so be on the look out for more stuff!

SPICE- Gates of Petra
SPICE- Greece
SPICE-Wings of Isis
TRIBE - Threads of Morocco
TRIBE - Osage
Island People - Bindi
SPICE - Thailand
TRIBE - Osage
Island People - Mudra

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Backline/Homemade Individual or Individualized Backline

So I read Saucy's post today and I have to say that after reading that and the comments, the 'Backline Individual' talk has gone too far. Being one of the people who was present in CBOX and initiated the 'Backline Individual' talk I think I need to lay down my opinion on this issue.

The Backline or Homemade Individual or Individualized Backline or what ever you want to call it is basically, when someone has a backline costume and add something extra which makes a noticeable but PLEASENT change in their backline costume. BIs are not meant to take over, overpower or push up themselves infront of their section, frontliners or individuals, as I said on the SPICE FB discussion board, they did not buy the right to do so. After FHOs and indis pay TT5k+ for their costumes, BIs have no right to push to be infront because its simply not your place.

I don't know about others, but I know the reason why I am adding a BackPack, is that I could have afforded Frontline, but simply I have other priorities and that 2K could and has been used in other areas, however I want to add a little extra so I am making a small shoulder backpack to satisfy my want of having a personalized costume. Maybe the reasons why people are looking to this phenomenon is simple maybe they couldn't have afforded a Frontline or maybe they just express themselves as a creative individual or they find their costume lacking. Perhaps if bands start introducing more options then this can decrease the number of persons wanted to take up the BI approach.

Two questions that keeps coming up are: How much is too much? and Should you contact your Band to inform them of Your customization?
In my opinion, I think that once the original costume is not recognizable or looks cosquelle, its too much. When customizing try to get the right colours and trims to match your costume, don't put brown feathers on a yellow costume,etc.
With respect to informing your band however, in my utmost honest opinion I don't find it necessary, simply because I am paying for it and when I paid and signed that dotted line, there was no fine print or contractual obligation that stated I cannot add extras. In my eyes its like buying a car, if you buy it and add rims, flare kit and spoiler, can they do something about it?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wee International Taking a Step up!

Normally when people say wee international I usually think WTF? However of the past few years they've been in operation, they've built a following and clearly building up a better design team! No longer are there much "WTH" designs but more along the lines of "This can work!"

Check out the article!

Friday, October 16, 2009

First bag of the season sewn!

Hiya guys!

So I got my new machine and sewed my first bag of the season for Threads of Morocco!
bags in the container waiting to decorate

So as most of you know, my sewing machine died this vacation, I ran through 2 machines in 9months! So i knew it was time to step up to a fully industrial machine. I searched and searched and finally found the one for me the yamata fy8500!
This machine is a God send! It sails through layers of fabric like nothing and my God is it fast, took me a while to get accustomed to it! In the end when I got the hang of it finished a bag in 5 minutes!!! Now that's a record!! I love my machine!!!!
the workstation/ my new machine!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These boots are made for walkin!....sure as hell not limpin

So Its now 4 months and some weeks till Carnival 2010. Most of you should have started getting things together or now starting to by now. I must admit I'm moving a little slow this year, but I've got the ideas, just haven't done them all.

So far I've got
  • Monday wear idea
  • Backpack idea
  • Boots
  • Make up appointment
  • Diet and exercise starts today.

I got my boots yesterday!!!! I am hopping on board the wedge boot train! This pair is also featured in my boot catalogue, I have to admit I've had my heart set on them for a while now, but they kept coming in and out of stock so quickly! But finally I got my pair.

The boots came in a full length box, here I was wondering why in the hell postage was so expensive. The boots have a full length zip on the inner side as well as the lace up front so you can determine how tight you want your boots to be. The only problem is that the size runs a bit small so it fits more like a half size smaller. But they are really comfy though

Most boots, the top of the boots are hard/stiff.
This can pose a problem on the road as chippin is basically on the ball of your foot and your foot may slide forward. Thus bringing back memories of days when I used to do point ballet....enough said lol.

So here are some pointer and things you should invest in.

Gel Toe Pads
These gel pads cover your toes and protect your toes from blisters and pain.
Gel toe pads are mostly used by dancers especially for point shoes to protect their feet from blisters and ease the pain from being on pointe.
Please if you do decide to invest in them do some research look for reviews.
Please ensure you buy GEL toe pads as they provide more support than foam or cushion pads.Lamb's Wool toe pads are good too.
Danztech Skinny Dip Toe Pads are really good and they relatively cheap, under $10US
You can get them from

Another solution, use band aids and wrap them around the toe that can also prevent blisters.

Band aids can also help when back of your foot uncomfortably rubs against the boots, place a band aid over it and voila! instant comfort!!!

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

The Addicts on Display