Friday, June 6, 2008

Adding a little 'Spice' to Carnival 2k9!

“Our band is for everybody, irrespective of gender, size, colour and age,”
“We want to show the true colours of T&T. Carnival is supposed to be a presentation and we should be proud to showcase it to the world.”- Anya Elias,Executive member, Spice

I'm sure many persons have indeed read Saucy's blog post on the new female managed Carnival band 'SPICE', whose media launch took place earlier this week. The media launch, hosted at Zen's rooftop, displayed two stunning costumes from it's 2k9 presentation "The Missing Ingredient." In a recent article in the Trinidad Guardian, spokeswoman, Anya Elias describes the band new band as non-competitive, stating that;
"A lot of new bands are trying to attack and compete with other bands. We are not doing that. We just realise there is a market and we are tapping into it."

Some sections include; brown sugar, paprika, ocean salt, garden of sage and Mediterranean borage. To go along with these hot sections, the band's designers are Sonia Mack, Leasel Rovedas, Sandra Hordatt, Kim Lee-Inniss and Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts.

Although the media launch didn't speak much more from what was revealed to the guardian, the divalicous costumes presented with gigantic headpieces and contrastingly small bikinis alone, enticed the crowd.

photos property of Saucy!
Ocean salt and Brown Sugar (respectively)

I am very excited about this band, i believe they will give TRIBE and Island People a run for their money! Please believe this band will be taken into consideration for C2K9! Ah Cyah wait! Thus the band seems capable of living up to it's word!

“Spice is the best recipe for Carnival. People can expect one hundred per cent flavour for C2K9 and nothing less.”

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