Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Braiding by Passion

Ladies, Carnival coming, and the fetes will be hitting you one after the other. Come from work, take a bath, get your outfit in order, put on the make up, you reach the hair...and yuh stuck! Should I curl it, should I flat iron it, Oh gosh boy time going down....yuh see all that should just braid it man! With one of the hottest, weightless styles of braiding right now, Senegalease Twist.

The next problem is who going and do it good for you?

I know who!!!!


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Carnival Diva said...

oh hooo, that's the senegalease twist i'm seeing a lot of women sporting? they look real good. can you use human hair instead? i have ah dislikeness towards they over shiny synthetic hair :)

mimi said...

the camera makes it look shiny but it not shiny at all, but i dunno u'll have to ask pahsion( fruity)

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