Friday, October 16, 2009

First bag of the season sewn!

Hiya guys!

So I got my new machine and sewed my first bag of the season for Threads of Morocco!
bags in the container waiting to decorate

So as most of you know, my sewing machine died this vacation, I ran through 2 machines in 9months! So i knew it was time to step up to a fully industrial machine. I searched and searched and finally found the one for me the yamata fy8500!
This machine is a God send! It sails through layers of fabric like nothing and my God is it fast, took me a while to get accustomed to it! In the end when I got the hang of it finished a bag in 5 minutes!!! Now that's a record!! I love my machine!!!!
the workstation/ my new machine!


Anonymous said...


-crazy mo

mimi said...

thanks mo!!!

ennekaycee said...

This might sound kinda lame, but I think it's wonderful that you sew. One of my dad's many occupations was tailoring and he still sews.

It's nice that a young person actually knows how to sew and likes it enough that she would buy a sewing machine ;)

Seeing the pic of the bag made me remember that I wanted to place an order. I'll send an email to the addy you listed.

mimi said...

no girl it isn't lame! I love sewing actually,I fins it relaxing!
my friend brina over on Trinidad Fashionista, she's actually doing a sewing course, we both want to be designers, she's actually got her own clothing line already some of her stuff sells on

Okay no problem! thanks ennekaycee

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