Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nothing Signature about the Signature Collection

`So it's no secret that I've been out of the action lately, but simply put a combination of my personal issues and the lack of me having anything to report about carnival is the cause of this long posting drought.....however, after seeing Saucy's post and pictures about Spice's media launch....I needed to voice my opinion.

To say I am not impressed is an understatement, as a previous Spice supporter and patronizer I am most disappointed in the sneak peak costumes displayed last night. These costumes look like bits and pieces of previous popular costumes stuck together to make an ode to those once hot costumes. It is best they call the theme "Signature Collection: Tribute to Signature Carnival Costumes"

I may sound harsh, but honesty is the best policy, I can condone slight influence from a previous successfully appealing costume, but when i watch a costume see, the blatant copy of one other popular band headpiece( from 2005? ) just in all crystals, a sea salt belt, modification with brighter crystals and cuter... and instead of a headpiece, lets take those feathers and make it into wings!

A headpiece that is a mixture of several costumes, the neck piece which has been redone and killed to death since it came out last July, a flashback of multi-coloured costume, except just not as catchy and an overall, out-of-place flashy sequin bra, blandly pink feathers.... perhaps if the feathers were brighter, the bra a plain silver lame or foil, would enhance the rhinestones, help bring them out...

I'm sorry but I just cannot get hyped for their band launch, I hope there is something else to be revealed at their band launch that can help bring the collection back to signature...

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iDIGRESS said...

Harsh but true. Its crazy that they're a new band but doing the same shite. What is the point of being new?

Don't they watch the Victoria Secret Shows? Take mas to a higher level.

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