Monday, August 2, 2010

Way of the Warrior! ...Mimi's TRIBE Review

This review has been longgggggggg overdue! After I went to the band launch, like I had such a great time, I just couldn't pick myself up whole week! lol But I'm up and going and time for the review!

So my compadre Lele and I set off the battlefield around 12 and arrived just in time to get a drink and find a spot remotely close to the stage. Unfortunately it wasn't close enough so all my pics came out like shit.

Before I begin I must state my opinion on a few matters; I honestly thought the costumes would have a lot more studs and stuff, just be a little bit more rough. But overall, I guess they need to cater to all types of masqueraders, and I think TRIBE has efficiently done so...The models on the other hand definitely needed to do some more practicing, between completely ignoring the right side (their left) of the stage and running on and off stage like a bat out of hell, I was not impressed.

The presentation started around 12:30 with some ninjas scaling down the stage, boom bang, lights, camera, costumes!

First up, Gladiators
3 out of 5 swords
I love the male version of the costume, and so do the guys!!!!! the cape maybe a little extreme for some guys and leads me to wonder if the cape is optional? Anyway the female version at first sight is not a looker, with it's clich├ęd used of gold and red. But as I look at it more in the booklet and online, its an alright costume, it fits the theme, its not bad, its one of those last resort costumes in my book.

Next, Mongol Fighters
3.5 out of 5 swords
Now this was the gritty, rough kind of costumes I was talking about, I absolutely adore the shoulder pads!!! The headpiece with the spikes in the front. However the downfall of this costume is, the way the bra and belt are made, it will only look flattering on certain body types, primarily pear shaped chicks, the rest of, it may look alright...
The male costume in this, is not bad, save for the spiked shoulder pads and headpiece, its just another board short compilation

Persian Gold
4 out of 5 swords
From the time I saw the teaser video I loved the glimpse of Persian Gold! My God was it a beauty!!!! Then, that model stepped out on stage in all her glittering glory and I was sold. Thus costume is gorgeous as a frontline, the backline, is just meh. However the more I watch the costume, is the less I love it.
But where is the male version though? Oops, I bypassed it cause it was so ordinary looking, or it could be that I was so enthralled with the frontline.

Xi'An Warriors
4 out of 5 swords
This costume again is what I was looking for more of, not one single feather!!! This costume I skimpy and I love it! If I had the body for it I would definitely be wearing it.

Knights Templar
3.75 out of 5 swords
At first glance I loved the costume, but as I saw the arm pieces and started thinking about the lovely sun burn I would acquire, it lost some points. The costume blends pretty and gritty, somehow managing to stick to the theme with those arm pads, but the rhinestone work reminds me of a previous TRIBE costume, from Birds of a Feather.
The male costume is really cool though...I hope it comes with the sword!

5 out of 5 swords!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!! were the words coming from my mouth. Lele and I took a quick look at eachother and that was it....Iroquois was our first choice, that costume has zero gems, zero feathers, the bead work is lovely, the colour blend, lovely, overall it is just a lovely costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.5 out of 5 swords
I hate this costume. the end

4.75 out of 5 swords
This is another one of my choices, I love the nude bra, with the orange, green, and blue feathers! The frontline/individual (some one clear that up please) is gorgeous!!!! It's an elegant costume. The guys, just have it ordinary again....

Masai & Tribal Warrior
3.5 out of 5 swords
A lot of people are overwhelmed by this costume and I am just....not. Basically peter took the formula to African Love Bird and changed the colours, added a standard with Kente cloth and a wicked mohawk headpiece!

As for the males, I get a strong flashback of island people Zebra, but done better.

For this section I reserve further judgement until I see costumes in person.

Arctic Warriors
0 out of 5 swords
Hate This costume also, it looks like Silver Mist headpiece, reincarnated itself for the males.

Mayan Warriors!!!
5 out of 5 swords
This has to be the best costume in the entire presentation, it sticks to the theme, its covered but sexy! I love it, all versions of the costume looked great! I know the guys are probably battling for the individual as we speak!

NOTE for many who are concerned about bra support and this costume, the costume has a regular bra, but there are two pieces of cloth attached which gives it the wrapped around look

All in all, I would say, TRIBE did a good job! So Good of a job they made me want to play mas, however, do I have the finances to play mas is a whole other story. Stay Tuned for part 2 of this review tomorrow when I talk about BLISS.

all photos are property of TRIBE


BloggerBoy said...

Iroquois and Massai Warriors are truly hot. Mayan eagle female just jost some points for not havina blet neither glam !! but Mongol Fighters is nice. I do not see why people are going crazy !! Sashura is UGLY just like Sercia !!

shells said...

Mimi, love your review!
My picks are Mayan Eagle, X'ian Warriors, Persian Gold, Amazon and Mongol that order. I LOVE love love Mayan Eagle, it's enticing me to do FL/Individual :-)

iDIGRESS said...

Loving the scoring system.

My picks were; Gladiators - The Gold Tassled Bandeau Brassiere Topped With The Blazing Headpiece. Fierceness From Top To Bottom. And Massia Tribal Warriors - The Beadwork. The Authenticity. The Mohawk. The Colour Palette. The Stick. The Kente Cloth.

But in all honestly I wasn't gasping. I think Tribe have their trademark and will refuse to budge. Although the were nice they were nothing new.

iDIGRESS said...

...It doesn't matter what concoction they make a silver costume in Tribe will always be synonymous with Silver Mist. *sigh*

analiesef said...

the fabulous winged Amazons costume is an word yet whether it will have a Fl or have options for larger headpiece etc...

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