Thursday, February 24, 2011

TRIBE Collection

Hiya Guys! So I just got home from Cascadia, where I got my TRIBE Amazon costume and let me tell allyuh it skimpy!!!!!!

But on another note, I think my goodie bag is sub par, I found that the last time I played with TRIBE there was a lot of stuff, useful stuff. This time, yea there are collectors items, but Im not impressed, give my my bottle,cup, snacks, pad, tampons n shield anyday! I'm definitely thanking God I got my Survivor Pack
I didn't feel the need to take pics of Cascadia, its basically the same set up.
The line up is
Cluster 1 Mayan Eagle and Knights Templar - Music Truck 1 - Sprang International and zero Tolerance

Cluster 2 Massai Tribal Warrior and Mongol Fighter - MT2 - X Caliber International,Poundaz Inc, Renissance Disco

Cluster 3 - Persian Gold, Xian Warriors MT3 Ishmeal D Demlition Man

Cluster 4 - Amazon - MT4 Hypa Hoppa

Cluster 5 - Iroquois , Sashura - MT5 - XTC, Back 2 Basics

Cluster 6 - Gladiator, Artctic Warriors - MT6 - RED 96.7, JW & Blaze


Marsha said...

ah jealous!!! can't wait till next year (still workin on the carnival body) lol


Anonymous said...

Curious as to size of bra. Playing in same section and worried that I should have sized down on the bra.

mimi said...

mine is 40D but it looks big, but it fits really good!

shells said...

looking good...skimpy as all heck though! Mayan Eagle is gorgeous, such a vibrant colour!

On the goody bag, seems bands have defintely scaled back on the contents, YUMA has similar items in their bag without the collector stuff that TRIBE has soooo to me it seems like the sponsors gave less items to be distributed.

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