Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UWI Freshers Fete/ Kaotic' Secret Band Launching

I'm not really on the incognito thing, so yes this is me.lol

So Friday night I decided to take the opportunity and see UWI night life and mix with my fellow freshers in the the Guild's Freshers fete. So I arrived about 11pm and things were looking bleak! The fete was looking lil buss, Don't mind there were nice give aways and all from the AXE girls, DOVE(wth their tatoos) and BMOBILE with their glowing foam sticks!

The event was advertised as free drinks. Those free drinks included, Coke, Sprite, Green Sand, White Oak, Black Label and Heineken....A Think it had juice....so yuh know it was looking even more bleak! So ah say well the only way ah go enjoy myself in this fete is to take twodrink. So i hit up a glass of Heineken first, I gobbled that down and proceeded back to the bar to geta rum and coke. So the huzzy and I take one and I start to drink, but I find I feelin wierd after I take meh drink. Never in my life have I gotten drunk or anywhere NEAR it! So you can imagine my cnern when I starting seeing things swaying before me and I began to feel as though all my energy was sucked out of me. We go get back to this story in a while

So about 1 o'clock I think what do you know,the DJ announced Kaotic BandLaunch. Most people in the crowd are now saying Band Launch? what band launch?
So the costumes do ake there way out, but I couldn't get pics cuz the huzzy's friend had my camera...STEUPSSSS. The models moved quickly but still gave enough time for you to wow over the costumes, I must say that their costumess are beautiful! OMG they are georgous. I honestly think that some other new bands ****cough*** Spice ***cough*** needs to go to people partys and show their costume because I can tell you it worked! There was a huge resonse of, "OHHs!" "Ahhss!" and the "I going and play with them yes!"

So back to the Alcohol sotry, to cut the long story short, I had gotten drugged basically, but because I was smart enought to stop drinking, it didn't get me too bad, but for my other friend it triggered off her epelepsy(that she never knew she had) and she had 3 ceisures in the morning
and ended up in hospital good news is she's fine now.

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