Wednesday, September 30, 2009

These boots are made for walkin!....sure as hell not limpin

So Its now 4 months and some weeks till Carnival 2010. Most of you should have started getting things together or now starting to by now. I must admit I'm moving a little slow this year, but I've got the ideas, just haven't done them all.

So far I've got
  • Monday wear idea
  • Backpack idea
  • Boots
  • Make up appointment
  • Diet and exercise starts today.

I got my boots yesterday!!!! I am hopping on board the wedge boot train! This pair is also featured in my boot catalogue, I have to admit I've had my heart set on them for a while now, but they kept coming in and out of stock so quickly! But finally I got my pair.

The boots came in a full length box, here I was wondering why in the hell postage was so expensive. The boots have a full length zip on the inner side as well as the lace up front so you can determine how tight you want your boots to be. The only problem is that the size runs a bit small so it fits more like a half size smaller. But they are really comfy though

Most boots, the top of the boots are hard/stiff.
This can pose a problem on the road as chippin is basically on the ball of your foot and your foot may slide forward. Thus bringing back memories of days when I used to do point ballet....enough said lol.

So here are some pointer and things you should invest in.

Gel Toe Pads
These gel pads cover your toes and protect your toes from blisters and pain.
Gel toe pads are mostly used by dancers especially for point shoes to protect their feet from blisters and ease the pain from being on pointe.
Please if you do decide to invest in them do some research look for reviews.
Please ensure you buy GEL toe pads as they provide more support than foam or cushion pads.Lamb's Wool toe pads are good too.
Danztech Skinny Dip Toe Pads are really good and they relatively cheap, under $10US
You can get them from

Another solution, use band aids and wrap them around the toe that can also prevent blisters.

Band aids can also help when back of your foot uncomfortably rubs against the boots, place a band aid over it and voila! instant comfort!!!


cute dougla said...

hey mimi...SWEEEETTTTT
what brand is this? what colour are u going to spray them?

mimi said...

hey dougs! this brand is breckelle's they are super comfy. Im goin to spray paint it gold so it can be reusable!

cute dougla said...

ok, gold will definitely go with ur costume :)

Tru said...

HI - these are the exact boots I used last Carnival Tuesday...they were super comfortable. I would recommened wearing them a before you spray them. I had a very hard time w the gold spray paint, I used a bright gold that turned out dark. I however purchased the tan ones, maybe it'll be different w white. Either way, these boots are the bomb! i did cut off all the fur though, thought it looked silly for Trinidad. I shall be wearing them again 2010 :-)

mimi said...

tru great minds think alike! I'm gonna shave the fur off too! the only thing is i gonna stretch one side because my left foot is larger than my right and its not squeezin or anything but it could do with a little stretchin. but they are comfy!!!

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