Friday, January 29, 2010

TRIBE Costume Distribution Schedule

If you have purchased a costume from someone and it has not been transferred to you on our system OR you are collecting a costume for someone, please ensure that you walk with:
  • A letter signed by the costume owner authorizing you to collect.
  • A copy of costume owner's picture ID.
Costumes will NOT be released to persons without these documents.
TRIBE's Mas Camp will be closed for costume transactions from
Monday 1st February - Saturday 13th February to facilitate Costume Distribution at Cascadia Hotel.
TRIBE Customer Service Hot lines during distribution hours ONLY.
(868) 347-4944
(868) 390-2081
The Mas Camp will be open for TRIBE IGNITE ticket sales ONLY.


Channell said...

Woo hoo! Everyone is upset Loulan is the last to be distributed, but I'm not bothered. That's the day I fly in. So straight from the airport to Cascadia!

iDIGRESS said...

So you give up on Spice or just 2010 Carnival?

Carnival 2k9 Bags!

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