Monday, January 19, 2009

Still in search of a Make up Artist

So I know some of you are still in search of a good make up artist....and lo and behold....I have found Dixie Ann John one of the top airbrushing MUA's in Trinidad! I am so excited I had to make my appointment with her after seeing her work! My gosh! Take a look on her website where you can contact her via cell or email.

Makeup (inclusive of Strip Eyelashes) - TTD$150
Makeup (Strip Eyelashes & Jewels) - TTD$175
Eyelash Application alone:
If you walk with one of your own choosing its 50% off - TTD$25. If not, I will apply from my stock and that would be TTD$50.

So you can call her at 868-687-7556 or email her at

PS Dixie ann has a blog ppl!!!!!A blog to give us tips and to keep us updated!!!

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