Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Updated Carnival Checklist

So Carnival is comin up fast and furious! So I need to get my stocks before I have no money to do it!!!

  1. So first trip....Super Pharm for Dr. Scholls Gel Insoles got the last pair btw!!!
  2. Second trip...Wonderful World!
  • Got my earrings to match my costume!
  • I also discovered a new type of glitter spray for $15. Good for keeping with you on the go to touch up on Glitter during the day! It comes in gold, silver, multicoloured and red glitter body spray! The finished product is veryyy nice..she how you skin pratically glows!!!! The first shot is with flash and the second is without flash!
  • Next up I saw some small rhinestones on sale about 24 or something in a pack for $13.00 also, and its just the right size for make up!
  • Also now available DUO Eyelash Adhesive going for about $50.00/$60.00 can't remember the exact price

  • Micles was my last stop!
First off. They have gotten stock but are still Bulleted Listgetting stock on the tights! They have introduced Toeless Stocking ppl!!!! Unfortunately my shade wasn't there yet so I have to go back but I will be snatching up 3 pairs!!!!!!

So the prices
  • Regular low waist stockings are $30.00
  • Plus size low wasit stockings are $45.00
  • Regular toeless low waist stockings are $35.00 ( it comes in plus size but I cant remember the price, it probably was $50.00)
So I will let you knwo more about the Carnival preperations later!!!

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Sasha W said...

I really hope Micles have my size and shade by the time I get home in Feb!! Good going on getting yourself organised. I will be a true Trini and end up last minute because I've got too much going on :(

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