Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Carnival Queens of your Band

You kow, in every band, there is always that one girl that everybody does have to stop and stare. That one person that when you say TRIBE, you remember her!!! Ladies and gents I present to you my selection of Carnival queens for the bands I saw!


Yuh see this woman here! I don't know if it was the hair that was gelled and curled to perfection. I don't know if it was the matching red glittered down boots, I don't know if it was the flawless make up! but somebody pleease give thislady a frontline costume for 2010 becasue dahlin yuh didn't deserve to be a babe this year nah!!!
This woman loooked flawless on both days yuh know! and when she dance it was all eyes on her. Honey I give yuh props, so much so I almost give her meh backpack and tell her represent!!!!

Oh gosh, there were more than one set of queens in this band! oh gosh allyuh I am sure yuh friends(male) still talkin about that sweet girl they see in TRIBE, it was a fact this year the bessness ratio in TRIBE (both female and male) was high this year. Inot going to lie, when I went to check my friends and them this year at TRIBE's lunch stop, I was so glad I ddin't play in TRIBE because I would've felt so insecure with my big belly that it not funny!!! Anywho down to business.
Everybody remembers that one ruby topaz frontline, who just looked divine!!!

The Spangled continga


Ms. Sexy said...

The girl that played in Ruby topaz, i swore she was an individual at one point because the costume looked like it was made jsut for her.

ms.rene said...

Mimi i must agree with the scotch bonnet that girl was nice i loved her makeup she was an undercover fl in a bl costume :)

Nikki ANN Chunks said...

awwww...thanks...from the girl in the ruby topaz costume :)

mimi said...

awww you are very welcome! you looked gorgeous! keep doing your thing chick!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mimi, My Name is Reyana Jeffers and after all these years i'm NOW seeing ur comment about me today, i would like to say to u thank u and u made my day.....i accidentlly came across ur comment BY GOOGLING carnival makeup pics and my face just popped up, when upon clicking on it i saw ur comment, its very sweet of u to say....and ur right, i'm no longer playing backlines any more...i'm hitting the road next 2012 god spear meh life with tribes frontline costume Cyrus.....thank u again for ur sweet comment, i hope u see this some day....

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