Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SPICE Tuesday

me and rene

Oh gado allyuh I was tooo tired to write this up last night, so it had to wait till today.
Anywho, so yuh girl had to get her make up done, I was one in three frontlines so I had to come correct!!!

So afterwards I ended up meeting the band probably around10 o'clock somewhere there. so we chip for a while (they had just crossed the stage) and we took a lil break for a 15 mins, where there were dancers and stuff doing a lil something something, encouraging even masueraders to join if they wanted to(see second video). It was very entertaining,and a pleasent surprise. We then went for lunch, which was similar menu, I had BBQ chiken, potato salas and fresh salad. There were peas in the box, but I didn't eat it.(peas!ugh!)

And lucky for me, the rain fell while we were eating so I parked my rass in the bleachers and ate.
After I ate, I went to tribe and looked for my girlies then waited till the rain subsided and we were back in search of the band. So wew text Weh D band and they gave us the wrong address. So while the text said on Warner and Cipriani, they were really crossing Adam Smith Square!!!! So you could imagine my rage hhenI missed crossing yet another Stage!!!!!!!!!!

So we had to trek down to the band and met them intime to cross synergy stage!
So while yuh girl was taking a pic with me friend from some tourist, as soon as I walked away to leave, there were more pics, in the end my firend and I stayed for about 15 mins taking pics....i felt bitey! I felt like a shilling!!! now ah know how machel felt monday night when ppl were bombarding him for pictures outside spice mas camp! so when you see me all over the place let me know!

So anywho so i cross d synergy stage and we made our way into down town where we were given snacks( lollies and some damn good aloopie!) we probably waited about an hour or 2 to cross the stage and oh gado allyuh i realll represent for d Scotch Bonnet crew, before meh battery give out on me n i had to recharge like d lucozade man (mimi gettin old yuh know)
anyway we had fun and the band stopped by the mas camp around 8

My only quams about tuesday was that for a good bit of the day the security was laxed and the dj had to constantly keep the 'Rope' security in check! Also the trucks were moving very fast at points in time and need to slow it down a bit!
and last but not least, after we cross downtown the wee wee truck then goes back to wherever it came from, so affter down town, no wee wee truck! What the hell?!At LEAST make an announcement when the wee wee truck leaving nah

So I must say alll the costume....alll! even Garden of Sage loooked good! I was extremely
happy with my costume and the collar was verrryyy comfortable! and a lot of people were impressed with the band!!!!In fact one of my brother's friends admitted he was sold on Spice and will indeed play next year! I know for a fact that Spice has a theme for next year,what it is though? I can't tell you ha!


empressnatts said...

Nice review of Spice and indeed i heard it was really good. Even though i played with Ip for several year I think this year i'm severing all ties with them..(had enough of their mess) and I will be in Spice since my friends who played all had really good reviews on the band. Kudos to them!!!

cute dougla said...

Nice Mimi; I totally agree with ur review. Btw, loved ur Monday wear! being the another of the 3 FL ppl, I agree: u did come correct. But where was the 3rd person? lol

mimi said...

lol girl the third person was the girl who modelled the costume for spice and mac thing in westmall...she only had on her back pack to cross the savannah and then that was it for her! steups! and she had on sneakers!!!! lol

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