Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jinglin down d road!

Hiya guys! I know its been a while, but BLINKin TSTT internet was acting up i time, so I had to switch to flow. You could believe BLINK had the audacity to have hooked up our internet connection with old wires. Steups. Anyway

Carnival is coming fast and furious and a lot of ladies and gents are getting on the band wagon of preparing accessories from early o'clock! Hey I am all for that! So with the plethora of Asian themed bands its only right that those of us in Trinidad say amen to finally being able to put those Indian trade shows to good use!!!

I see a lot of people are jumping up with the beaded shoes and flats trend for Carnival. I personally wouldn't do it, I think there is a limit to accessorizing trumps comfort, and this is one of those times, I know I totally would not be comfy in that! But for those of you who are, how about getting a little creative with your footwear.

Purchasing a flat ballet shoe
you can get a pair in the following colours from Kali Shoes from 5.5 straight up to 11! for USD$7.95 -USD$8.50


Heading down to your local craft store stocking up on rhinestones, rhinestuds. nailheads, trims whatever you so desire and decorating your flats, that way you get to keep the creativity and fun of decorating your footwear.

I have noticed that a lot of costumes this year have gold rimmed rhinestones and rhinstuds/nailheads. Some you may be wondering what is the difference between rhinestones and rhinestuds, well rhinesotnes are crystals but rhinestuds are like flat backed metal embellishments shaped and coloured to look similar to rhinestones. For instance Loulan has gold rectangle nailheads. Rhinestuds/nailheads are great embellishments to accessorize your boots, sneakers or flats because they look good and are cheap!

Also to keep in theme with your costumes, especially those in Island People beaded arms bands should be on your accessory list. Just head on down to your local Indian Trade show if your in T'dad or you can look online in any Belly Dance shop!


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

which Loulan has nailheads? The Individual is Swaroski lol

sunshine said...

hey mimi where are the indian expos being held?? i thought they were banned..........

mimi said...

sauce isn't loulan backline belt and bra is nailheads, rectangle gold nailheads.

sunshine there was one in the Nagar last week or week before I think and before that opposite centre of excellence next to m&d. Isn't it south that banned them?

sunshine said...

or ok cool. Maybe that's the mix up cuz im from south. Thanks!

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