Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Band Alert!!!!!.....and they sting!!!

So yuh gyul reall looking through the Sunday Express Woman Mag and comes across a whole 2 page spread with carnival costumes from a newbie band called Scorpion Mas.

"Calvin French captures the sexy looks of the Carnival 2010 Season by Scorpion Mas, in their Treasures Of The Desert presentation. Brilliant and Fresh, these costumes range the cool, easy Desert Explorer to the sensational Cactus Flower and Oil sections. Calvin's vision covers the future of fashion for Carnival 2010"

Trinidad Express Woman Magazine, Sunday 27th September 2009"

So now that they've shared this lovely little tidbit with about zero information I then went looking around but when I tell yuh like this scorpion mixed with cameleon, not one piece of info on this band at all!!!! not even on Macobook!!!(GASP) I'll scan and upload the rest of the pics later guys!

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