Thursday, January 3, 2008

Carnival make up

It's Carnival Tuesday and your arrive to meet, your band. All the ladies in the band have fab make up, but all you have is a light dust of eyeshadow, eyeliner and glitter, can u feel anymore drab? Thus this post is inspired to help ladies look FAB on the road! It's Carnival and carnival is about creativity, so get creative on those eyes!

Now there are stations around town and Woodbrooke that offer this make up service for a small fee of lets say $100.For the persons who want to do it at home,here are some tips

Tips to apply carnival make up for yourself.

  1. Apply sun block to face first. ( make sure it's at least spf 30 don't want to end up looking toasted on Ash Wednesday)
  2. Let sun block settle, don't apply anything else to face for about 10mins.
  3. Apply foundation and concealer
  4. Dust a little powder to settle foundation with Powder brush
  5. Spray make up fixing spray
  6. Apply primer
  7. Apply make up. When applying eye make up, persons believes that face jewels make the make up look pretty and stand out. This can be found at your local wonderful world.. Wonderful world carries all shades of make, so looking for an unusual shade that's your store. Also applying a little iridescent fine glitter dust to over lip gloss, looks majestic also.
  8. Apply another coat of powder to settle in make up and finish with fixing spray
Here's some eye make up pics to tickle your fancy, and give an idea of what to do with your eyes.

This can compliment any costume, as well as silver mist.
Silver mist

The colours can be switched up on this to appeal to your costume

Don't mind the crazy hair d, this is can easily accentuate mystique

Good enough for Isis option a and b

Autumn Sprite

Water nymph


Nicky said...

hey, those are sum very beautiful eye make up pics. thanks for taking ur time to research them! this can come very useful in future carnival endeavours for me! :) thanx muchos!

mimi said...

thanks very much nicky. YOu giving my hope, i nearly shut down this blog because i was getting no readers.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed!! i was beginning to get stomped myself! Now im looking or glitter for the face and to body, if anybody can point me in the right direction, i will be truly grateful!!

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