Monday, January 28, 2008

Carnival is almost here!!!

 It was the week before carnival, all were in a rush for supplies but mimi. lol. It's been a while since i've updated but i've been busy with school, work and my costume!!. lol. I must admit i;m the kind of person who hates be disorganized when it coems to import thigns such as carnival. So this post is to help my fellow masqueraders whom have not really gotten their act together yet.

First step, create a list.
Now creatign a list eliminates the running up and down to the saem store over and over because of memory lapse. This list should include your accessoires and what ever necessities needed for costume.
My list comprised of:
  1. stockings from micles
  2. face jewels
  3. spirit gum
  4. spirit gum remover
  5. spray on glue
  6. pink glitter
  7. extra boy shorts
  8. earrings to match costume
  9. purse to match costume
  10. boots or sneakers
  11. neutrogena spf55 sunblock lotion
  12. Spray paint for boots or sneakers
  13. wings for my titania costume
2nd and 3rd step. Locate where items can be found and budget

For many of the items needed you can visit Samaroo's, Tulip Productions, Naipaul's, Wonderful world and eye Candy.
You should call around these places, pricing your goods, so that you can manage your money accordinlgy and not have to waste gas and time looking for these items. It allowas you to also select the place with the better price, thus avoiding the heartache of seeing the same good for 3/4 or 1/2 the price paid.

I hope this was helpful to most masqueraders. I fulfilled evertything on my list except for boy shorts and glitter.
In my next post i'll disclose my carnival appearance

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