Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My take on tribe's costume distribution

I arrived at nine o'clock, and the staff were  already getting things together to close down distribution for the day. I was greeted by friendly staff and was lead through an organized, but ridiculously long route to the cashiers. The cashiers then checked and verified everything and  reprinted another receipt and my pink slip. After coming form the cashiers and was then guided to the distribution area where my costume box was ready and waiting. The lady verified and checked everything and I signed that I saw everything. Then to collect my bands and so on, everythign was given to me and explained , as I am a first time TRIBEr. lol. Eveeryone was talking to my mom, because she knows them, thinking she was playing.lol.

Overall i was so excited about everything i opened my goodbag as soon as i got in the car.lol.Must say compared to goody bags i remember Legends and Poison used to give when i was smaller and my cousins played mas, with the basic, toothpast, tylonol and glitter, has come a long way.lol. And that cereal i was totally not expecting, a whole big box?! nah I couldn't believe it when i walked outside.

But aside from that, the only thing i'm disappointed with is the fact that the bras aren;t like wonderbra..lol..leaves your breast just looking normal. I wanted cleavage aid damnit!!!!lol.
But i am generally happy with my costume, i think it's beautiful , i still want a pair of wings (ne1 selling lemme kno) they were beautiful. i really think this section is a sleeper, in that it i s one of the most beautiful costumes.

My costume

My belt

My bra

My neckpiece, armpieces and leg pieces, respectively

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