Thursday, January 3, 2008

Carnival junction

 I can't believe people are trying to auction off costumes on Carnival junction. I bought my costume this year through Carnival junction. I was lucky enough to meet an honest person. But as saucy pointed out, these people are real and are actually auctioning off costumes.

 I think it's very unethical to do so, after all what we paying you extra for? cause you stood up in the line and registered for the costume. People should be glad that some one is willing to take it off their hands. And secondly 'ent the deadline for the transferring of costumes gone? So WHERE he going with that?! Look run away from here eh.

I honestly think the admins of Carnival junction should in fact omit any posts that are action for auctioned prices.

Tips in purchasing a costume from someone 

    1.PLEASE make sure the costume is your size

    2. ENSURE that the price you are paying for it is the down payment the person made on it...see it as reimbursing the person.

     3.ASK them to meet and handle all transactions at the mas cap, not outside, not in d mall or down d corner...IN D MAS CAMP in that way you are sure that they are not frauds or any such thing of that sort.

     4.Make sure they have the receipt for the costume too.

      5.Ensure that your name and contact is accurate when transferring names (if your band transfers names)

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colin said...

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