Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bra, Breasts and Wardrobe malfunctions

Ladies, every year our eyes glitter and sparkle at the hottest costume, not taking into consideration factors such as if the costume will be flattering, if that type of bra is right for me, will it offer support?

We go out onto the road looking nice and crisp in the morning. But truth and in fact some of us, don't look our best.After looking at some pics form Miami Carnival I had to do a post after seeing this one picture

So when it comes to bras lets give some tips here

  1. do not buy a bra smaller than your actual size, no it won't make your breast look like the bossom of a goddess.(exhibit a above)
  2. if your bra strap is laking of support, perhaps think about turning it into a halter (like above)
  3. If you are wearing a strapless bra, please either:- 1. put pasties over your nipple in case of any slippage or 2. avoid slippage altogether and where clear straps or matching bra straps
  4. if you must wear a bra underneath your bra please make sure it is the same colour!!!!!!

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