Monday, November 17, 2008

If Dream Team can do it So can others...

So I was looking at Dream Team's 2009 Presentation One. Which I must say is not bad at all considering Dream Team's work in the past 2 years. I was going through their package detail. And there it was something that startled me!

adjustment centre at starting point (Tuesday morning only)

You know how many things could happen between home and town on Tuesday. Especially for you ppl who like to wear your costume on monday! This is great! I think this is the most innovative idea I've seen offered in any band's all inclusive package and I hope many other bands take a step foward in this direction!


Ms. Sexy said...

Mimi they can afford to do that when to of the sections are from last year. So they are not ordering to size. One of the head pieces are for Trini Revellers last year and the other was a section in D'Krewe minus the head piece. At least wait a couple of years. Other bands dont feel that this is necessary because they order to your requested sizes.


ms sexy i dont think this topic was about what costumes they have or where they from i think it is inovative having this option set it does not cost much money to have a few glue guns end some of the stones etc used in the section in place for repairs we actually do this in london in fac we normally have 2 glues guns plugged in on de trucks all day just in case

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