Friday, November 21, 2008

To pay of or not to pay off?

With the increase in countries officially declaring a recession (waiting for Trinidad and Tobago government to declare ours). Many of us like Malicious Jade would like to pay for our entire costume before the year's end. I personally was never in the habit of paying off my costume in advance, because of my own fear that something may happen and I would get my costume sold faster at down payment price than full price. But this year I've found myself thinking about paying of my costume, however I know I can't make end of the year so I am going for the end of January! Fair enough right?
So for those of you who can't decide I am going to give you the benefit of paying off and the benefit of not paying off your costume balance.

Paying your balance:-
  • You are free to spend or budget your money after knowing that you don't have to save some aside to finish paying for your costume!
  • Easy collection; while others stand in line your are zooming to costume collection and out the door !
Not Paying of your balance:-
  • So It's coming nearer to carnival and you fracture your ankle, or an old injury crops back you have to sell your costume, It's easy for it to get sold at deposit price than full price! And if you don't get it sold you will not feel the burn of that $3000+ gone down the drain!

So this year I am playing it safe and paying for my costume when I can, Because you never know what can happen. And instead of paying the whole lump some how about maybe breaking up your balance and paying part of it. So you have a balance of $2500 pay $500 each week, that way, its not too much of a strain.


skyedc said...

If u are with Tribe, the last day to pay off the balance is Jan 11th. So ur buget may be off by a couple weeks.

Malicious Jade said...

Mimi, I now see ya post. *LOL* I paid off early for two reasons -
1. No stress for Carnival
2. No debt. My costume "seeing that I am thick, gorgeous and voluptuous" may be difficult to sell as I had my costume customized to my size. But I start praying from all now for no broken bones *had enough of that when I broke me toe Jouvert Sunday morning* (Aye cry)
Carnival 2009 - WILL BE THE BEST with no debt!

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