Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Year after year it is being brought to the attention of Trinidad masqueraders that the carnival costumes that they paid Us$400-us$500 for are being re-sold at a fraction of the price at other carnivals and carnival-like celebrations across the world. Recent articles by fellow blogger, Saucy
are now bringing the issue to the fore front. The big question on my mind is why are we paying us$400-us$500 for the same service that persons in foreign carnivals are paying us$90- us$100 for?

In my reply to saucy's post you may find the possible and only logical explanation that these bands can give.

" mimi said...

my only question is, after I save my money, and i purchase this costume for $400 to $500 us. and see the exact same costume selling for a quarter of the price i paid, why are we paying 5 times the amount?

maybe an explanation for this can we found in the importation costs, taxes and other sundry costs such as bar licenses for every truck, employment costs for all those bar tenders and people serving you food as those bands are no where near the monstrosity of 4000-6000 people chipping with them. Perhaps all these should be taken into consideration. But one can also counter argue that bulk buying is less expensive always results in cheaper production and purchasing costs, so a band of 4000-6000 people should have lower overhead costs shouldn't they? hmm or perhaps, the reason why Trinidad carnival prices never decrease are because trinis will pay at any price to enjoy the wining, gyrating and niceness on carnival day. I myself, have been guilty of indulging in this sinless pleasure.

these bands (wee international et al) have not experienced the level of success thatg IP, TRIBE, Trini Revellers and GENESIS have encountered, thus desperate to make a profit, they resell their costumes. how can blame them,the statemnt always stands.
"One man's rags is another man's riches"

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