Thursday, May 1, 2008

Carnival is all year around

So why is it that I open today's guardian and see articles about Carnival. I love Carnival and everything but, I swear now it has turned into an all year round, multi million dollar business!
Beside the fact that articles surface of Carnival all year round, band launchings seems to be coming closer and closer. Remember when bands didn't used to launch until like Christmas. With bands like TRIBE and Evolution who are trying to be early birds and catch the worms, I just have a few concerns, not plenty, just a few!
  1. So when bands launch this early and the others launch weeks later, this does not give the masquerader enough time to scout and see everyone's designs and make a good choice.I don't want to regret purchasing a costume in IP after seeing TRIBE or Evolution's presentation.
  2. When launching so close, where do they want us to get the money to pay the downpayment. I mean, come on, lets be realistic, we know everything is going up, and costume prices are going up like helium baloons.
  3. I hope with this early launch, it gives ya'll enough time, to decipher where you'll get your good matrial from and correct any mishapps (furry bamsee et al!)

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