Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CAPE....Yuh on shit!!

Sorry for the title beginning with profanity! But as all my readers know, I am a unti 2, upper six CAPE student who now has to wait for about 3 weeks until cxc prints their alternative paper and recreates my schedule. Now my other problem is writing over that Communication Studies paper2. I give my all into any paper I am writing, as a result, my energy is sucked out of me (as I am not the healthiest person in the world). Now i have to re- sit this exam with a paper, that me not be as nice as the one I sat friday.

My problem with this whole fiasco is, the response generated. CXC's response is too slow, as students are now confused. Question such as... "will the axam timetable be the same, just shifted to later dates?" "What if the subject i'm study for now is not what comes first?" "When will this finish?"

AHHHH the stress of regional education system

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