Thursday, May 1, 2008

My take on TRIBE 2k8

Okay people, I know you've been waiting, so heres my take. I'll make it short and sweet, no long paragraphs.

  1. Um try yuh best TRIBE and try to keep to a better schedule, eating lunch at 4 is not cool.
  2. When is time for lunch make sure the caterers provide plastic knifes or use boneless chicken or something. That biting into yuh chicken with your bare hands is not cute!
  3. Bring back the rest truck!!! right...
  4. More toilets at the lunch stop!
  5. Numerous by-standers complained that persons did not want to get into their sections at the stages, as a result we looked like a mess....try yuh bess and enforce some rules fuh dat
  6. Please ensure all section leaders use some kind of SUPPORTIVE bra so we women won't have any bra woes! please and thanks!!
  7. I think this would be a good idea for the band, at the rest stop perhaps, you can have a stall with a selection of stockings, since most women have stocking mishapps. just and idea!
  8. Keep the mints with the food
  9. Keep the heineken big  bottle, next time i go park my car closer.
  10. Um try and not let that route to get the costume so damn I swear I walking in a maze! I saw parts of Cascadia I never saw before! lol.
  11. Oh and last but least, keep the goody bags and free cereal flowing!
  12. And get rid of furry bamsee eh!!!

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