Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spice...I can't wait!!!!!!!

So, Saucy attended Spice's Media Launch, and has uploaded pictures. The launch featured front lines from two sections Caspian Sea and Jewels of Mumbai.

Rubies of Mumbai. The Underestimated

This costume has brought a very interesting twist to a lot of Indian costumes I've seen, It is absolutely Gorgeous.
Great costume, but hate it at 1st sight, love at 2nd, 3rd and 4th!

The Headpiece:
At First glance the headpiece is underestimated, however at closer inspection it is very beautiful and detailed complete with red peacock feathers and rhinestones. The headpiece is meticulously adorned with red, clear rhinestones and gold beads creating patterns. It is definitely one of a kind!

The Bra:
Oh My Goodness look at that bling!!!!
The bra has a complex design, that is out of this world, however what is bothering me is how does the jewels exactly fall. From what I understand, one half of the bra has a different pattern from the other, and the cape is attached to the jewels which is attached to the bra and the upper arm pieces look like if they are attached the bra.

Waist Piece:
Somebody say skimpy!
The waist piece is what I call underlying skimpyness...i.e. you sooo caught up in the jewel design that you don't realise the waist piece is rhinestones chains and cloth! If I had the kind of body for it, and I didn't play red this year I would've been in this costume!!!

The Leg Pieces
Gladiator Style leg pieces are my favourite honestly, for ppl like who calves are just a bit too small, can enjoy these kind of leg pieces, because they are attached at 3 different points! Thees will look sooo good on boots, preferably a brown or tan or gold!

Caspian Sea . Gyal yuh look so Stunning!!!
This costume is just ridiculously stunning (as Machel say) I mean come on!!!!! The use of Aqua and Sky Blue is magnificent!In my opinion it would look great on people with wide waist and smaller top.( i.e. Coke or Pear)

The Headpiece
It is gorgeous! The colour, the beading! I love it.

The Bra!
My word! Look at all those beads and crystals, it is heavily decorated!With the clear rhinestone to imitate what I am guessing is sea wave patterns with teardrops and a rhinestone applique hanging from the middle. At the beginning I wasn't a fan of that applique just dangling there, but it has grown on me

The Belt
The centre of the belt mimic the applique at the bottom of the bra! It looks gorgeous and is totally blinged out!!!

Wrist Pieces,
Are jsut divine, I love it, the way how thw bend the cord? wire? into the curve, with the teardrop rhinestones dangling! I love it!

The Back piece
Wayyyyyyyyyy!!! Look at Feathers!!! You make me wannna......

Hmmm. The best part of this costume! This is what makes it soooooo desirable! The back piece spouts out like wings! With feathers of 2 different types of blues and rhinestone and beading detail, I personally think this costume is just divine, and I like many other bloggers are in love!

The leg pieces
nothing out of the ordinary, more or less regular pieces

Bottom Line!
I can't wait for the Band Launch at Zen on the 19th of July!!!!! Richard and Anthony have outdone themselves with this and I can see the load of time and effort that went into these costumes! Two thumbs up!!!


Carnival Divaz said...

Mimi, those costumes are absolutely beautiful. I requested an individual costume, so lets see what happens.

mimi said...

lets see in deed!!!! I'll be looking forward to seeing you on d road!!

cute dougla said...

u see mimi, all of a sudden everybody on the spice bandwagon!! last year everyone was like: "spice?" "who's that?" "a break away from tribe?" It's suddenlt an epiphany that there are other bands besides tribe and island people!!!!

Sapo said...

well Spice lime was great 2009 hope its great 2010 too... i wanna see the pink costume so bad...

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