Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Touch This!!!

A blogger asked if TRIBE can touch Spice with their designs. Can they? Let's face the facts; first, Island People stopped being a real threat to TRIBE practically 2yrs ago, after the two bands and respective followers settled themselves. Second, I think TRIBE was in need of some serious competition -competition that willl make a TRIBER even consider taking a deep into the Spice-y sea waters- after all competition is what motivates a business. Third, Spice is that competition!

I am sure most of you have heard of the design challenge issued between designers of the two popular bands, my question is who do you think will come on top?

In my most unbiased opinion, I do believe Spice and TRIBE are on a similar level with respect to quality, both bands treat their customers like gold and produce costumes of great quality in comparison to other bans, who materials look cheap, faded, used and abused.

On the road, I was stopped many times by persons asking if Spice was TRIBE...I believe that alone spoke for itself. However at the designing level, I am not quite sure they're going to be on par any more. The Designing Duo, Richard and Anthony have taken Spice to higher heights this year, judging on their costumes from the Media Launch compared to this past season I think Spice can only go in one direction... and that's up.

With all the new sparked attention Spice is getting I hope that they don't end up in a situation where they aren't ready for the influx in demand thus resulting in the same situations from other Now It bands when they were on the come up.

The Carnival 2010 Train has just started, we know you have your ticket and you're on board, but it's in which coach your in? Are you in The Spice, TRIBE,or some other band's Coach?

We'll see how it goes on July 19th and 25th


Anonymous said...

Let's see Spice handle more than 500 masqueraders then we will talk! Tribe is untop of their came, no one coming to topple them in 2010.

ennekaycee said...

"I am not quite sure they're on par any more. The Designing Duo, Richard and Anthony have taken Spice to higher heights this year..."

Since TRIBE is yet to reveal a costume for this year, I think it's kinda premature to say that the two bands are no longer on par. I'll wait to see what TRIBE offers before deciding although I do agree that Spice has set the bar high.

Also, the reason IP is not a threat to TRIBE (i.m.o) has nothing to do with their designs, but rather everything to do with their very poor customer service. That's the key downfall of Island People Mas.

Based on feedback from my friends, a major advantage Spice holds over TRIBE is that the former offers nice costumes AND ample room to parade around without feeling cramped. The whole TLC issue is another turn off for some of them. If it wasn't for that, TRIBE would be their first choice.

mimi said...

ennekaycee - Sorry I changed it, i forgot to put in going to be on par. I plan to do a second part to this post, when the bands launch.
Yes that's another point, to do with service, that has also caused IP to be no form of competition to TRIBE.

anonymous - i agree I hope they can handle over 500 masqueraders

cute dougla said...

i think that the advantage spice had this year was that it was small but the band was prepared to move as a large band so I hope anya and the tam are ready for a heavy migration. I also want to raise the issue of cost which may be the deciding factor for many. Tribe may offer pretty costumes but at what cost? and if u don't have a TLC? what happens?

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