Tuesday, June 23, 2009

knock knock anybody there?

UMM Why it is Island People so silent? I meant they aren't my band of choice, but I find I ain't hearing nothing from IP or even IPers!
Why am I not even hearing some kind of bachannal?!!! We almost in July!!!

In my opinion, I find these bands reall stickin on the info blasts!Steups! I have questions that need to be answered
  • Island People where are you?
  • When and where is allyuh band launch?
  • TRIBE how much tickets will be?
  • TRIBE where is your band launch too! (I now catch myself)
  • TRIBE can i collect my tlc please?!...since last time according to danielle it wasn't the right time to collect it. (can you sense the eye roll)
  • Spice what is d ticket prices jed?
  • When tickets comin out?!!
Allyuh work with me nah, I have to fit this into my monthly budget!!!!!!


Spice Launch Tickets will be out about Wednesday 1st July, I heard limited advanced is $100.00!!! I'll keep you guys posted ok?


ennekaycee said...

LOL. I love that you called out everyone and didn't discriminate lol lol lol. They real slacking for real tho. All now ppl asking in vain for a new TRIBE FB group.

I'm starting to wonder if THE SILK ROAD is still their theme :s

As for IP....NEEEXXXXTTT!!!! You know no amount of begging/emailing/telephoning is gonna get them to respond until they feel like it, so all IPers can do now is wait.

mimi said...

well apparently like everyone but TRIBE really hear me! lol cuz IP costume viewing is this week as saucy said and some ppl unleash SPICE ticket date and price.
Lol and ennekaycee like you was on to something there, lol now they change the theme name to SILK

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