Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Gado!!!! Spiceeee!!!! Excitement!!!

Oh my gosh!! Allyuh is excitement!! Anybody read Saucy blog today? Allyuh ah can't contain myself!!! Spice media launch is on the 17th!!! Yes the 17th as in next week! As in my anniversary date... Lol ah always tell d huzzy that date is a blessed one! Lol! You excited? Cause I excited!!


Carnival Divaz said...

Mimi, I am so excited, I already seen some of the materials used and I already know who section I am playing in. Girl I am going to miss IP, but I feel like I have made the right decision.

*Mimi, I am definitely making your monday wear next year.

mimi said...

Aww its good to know you're joining the team girl. That's good, I am sooo excited!I think sometimes you might miss the IP vibe that I hear everyone talking about, but I think you'll be relatively happy!
Aww thank you, we need to collaborate on that Monday wear, also we need to talk about those bags for your frontlines and sending up yours from this year.

cute dougla said...

Spice to the werrrlll!!!! It's time everybody get on board with the bess band!!!Mimi u better be at the launch so that we can get ur reviews!!
Carnival Divaz: Do u do monday wear for other persons? if so, how can i contact u ??

mimi said...

I won't be at the media launch, but band launch I will be there and as along as tstt blackberry internet service working I will update on d spot! lol

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