Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Got My Spice Band Launch Tickets!!!

Yes ladies and gents!!! I got my tickets today at Zen box office. Paid $120 So i'm guessing limited advanced is dead and gone!!!! Ah I'm excited!!!!


Carnival Divaz said...

Mimi, take plenty pictures for me. I am definitely playing in Spice next year

(I might have to send money down for you to register me, I dont want to get stuck in a section that i dont like.)

mimi said...

lol i understand diva! don't worry there will be plenty pictures!!! but i do hope they get their payment situation fixed this year since they've got a new website and all

ennekaycee said...

I think those limited advance tickets were gone by Friday evening lol. I got my ticket bright and early on Friday when Spice guy was on his way out the door to drop them off at Patraj lol...My friend also caught a glimpse of one of the costumes and after the description I am even more excited to see what the full ensemble and other costumes look like :D:D:D

mimi said...

ohh lucky u!!! lol...don't start me eh...u gettin me excited!!! stop with all d talk!!!!

cute dougla said...

waiting patiently on the review and pics!!!

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