Friday, July 24, 2009

Fletch Dry Powder for Carnival 2010

Ladies I know you've seen the plethora of feathered back packs and headpieces. What happens when the rain falls? Feathers droop? Or clump together and look scanty?
Protect yourself from suffering with wet foul syndrome on D road Monday and Tuesday by purchasing Fletch Dry Waterproofing Powder to waterproof your headpiece and packpacks from losing its beauty after rainfall!

Fletch Dry Powder

Fletch Dry Waterproofing Powder is a fletching powder that is used to waterproof your feathers!
Using Fletch Dry allows for masqueraders to withstand rain with your feathers fluffing back up!!!

Applying Fletch Dry is easy, place desired feathered piece in a large plastic bag with some Fletch Dry Powder, close and shake to evenly distribute!
Take piece out of bag and shake of the excess then you're ready to go!!!!!
For more directions, visit Trinidad Carnival Diary's guide to waterproofing feathers
Fletch Dry will be available by order only !!
1 for TT$60
2 for TT$110

These items must be paid for by either Money Gram, Western Union or in Person within 5 days, or else your order will be cancelled!!

All orders must by placed

by January 10th 2010


ennekaycee said...

After calling every Carnival and art supply store I knew, I found out that Fletch Dry Powder is not available here so I will definitely be placing my order once I confirm my costume.

I find the small feet people getting no love with the boots tho eh LOL :(...7-11?? On my best day I could wear a size 6 and that depends on the make...Otherwise it's size 5.

mimi said...

well girl ah sorry! lol I can't dictate what size the people decide to manufacture. but if orders really coming in, I'll increase the range of boots.

iDIGRESS said...

Well needed. Those headpieces are HUGE. I am wondering how I will be getting mine through customs back to the UK.

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