Monday, July 20, 2009

Spice Route - 2010 Spice Band Launch

So, Ladies and Gents I just came back from Spice Band Launch a while ago, and I have to say I am excited!
I arrived about 8 o'clock with huzzy and sister in law. Spotted the Sauce
The tv screens in Zen showed a nice lil slide show of 2k9 masqueraders giving us a hint that the show would start soon. After a while I went to the front of the stage and assume the position.

The Presentation started off with a little narration of what Spice Route is all about, but to tell you the truth I really wasn't listening because I was just a tad too busy waiting in anticipation!

First out the gate was Rubies of Mumbai. It was definitely a crowd pleaser
Female: The backline is a scaled down version of the Frontline with both cups of the bra decorated the same and only cloth on the waistpiece and smaller version of FL headpiece, minus the peacock feathers. You already have my review of Rubies of Mumbai

Male: I am pleased to see that the males are not only board shorts! With the whole Indian look going, flowing pants, arms pieces, the headpiece everything just works! not too sure about the neck decor, looks a bit heavy for the guys! But I like it alot

China! Simply Cute!

Female Backline: My goodness, I like China alot! I think this is another slightly underestimated one! Very cute, I can see a lot of young ones going with his section.
The costume is a mixture of forest green and bright green. The bra has that design blending into eachother, then covered in green teardrops rhinestones and diamante cord! The belt has a ubber cute applique in the middle, with more teardrops and rhinestones and green donut whole trimmings falling! Arm pieces has silk on it! Not too fond of all that flowing but it works together
The headpiece though, is very gorgeous, it was one of the first things I notice
Frontline : The same as the backline but a larger headpiece this is for the new FHO's those who want to take it easy, get accustom to FHOness or those who like simpler stuff.
Male: I wasn't over impressed with this male, It was the regular board short, with gold and green belt, chest and arm piece, the headpiece though was totally Chinese , not to mention D lil chinee they brought out to model it. But i can see this section as one of those sections, that the fella plays in just cause he wants to play mas or wants to play with his girlfriend.

Adulis! The section I can't pronounce nor spell! Just like its name it different!
So after mellow little China come off stage, there comes this Mohawk headpieces! Bam! attention stirred already!
Female: From photos it doesn't look like much, but it is very interesting costume. It's bronze and gold colouring match perfectly and the applique on the belt together with those tassels really work together. But the headpiece just stole the show, the cream, orange and bronze mohawk is pure fire!!!
Male : Boardshorts, bangle for arm pieces, the belt is cool, the headpiece is simple, the leg pieces are bangles also. Not much to say about this

Caspian sea crashes in!
The backline is cute! Another teen costume again or a costume for the simpler betties, I love blue and its a fine blend of all the different shades of blue, not to mention the bling
The headpiece is good size, not too large, not too small, just right and I love the arm pieces!!! I've always had a love for feathered arm pieces.
Frontline has already been discussed moving on
Male: Its a blinged out costume that's for sure,not much to say on it either.

Next stop...Thailand! Doh Juk me!
This is one of my favourite costumes!!!!! I loved it.

Female : Betty: The heavily blinged out bra and waistpieces complete with applique are gorgeous! And the straps have lil shoulder pieces which are totally cute!!!! Just becareful how you bend down! your eye might get poked! The headpiece is average size with feather and a totally thai applique in the middle!
This is one of my favourite Betty costumes
Frontline: This is a wicked frontline! The caged bra and belt are totally blinged out. The bra attached to the neck, so its a halter! Headpiece is just feathers, feathers and more feathers, my goodness, It is really big!!! But it locks like the comfier out of some I saw tonight. Shoulder pieces just scream move out my way I am a leather FHO!!!
This is just another one of my favourite costumes! But due to the cage bra, is definitely not an option for me!!!!

Male: Its another pretty standard male costume, blinged out (as the way Spice does it) The headpiece, is very much sticking to the theme.

Wings of Isis!

this section is veryy cute, and the pictures don't do it justice. I love the male costume for this section!!! I also love the frontline for this section, the patterns on the bra and the sexy monokini especially with teal as the base colour with the gold and the plethora of different rhinestones are absolutely gorgeous

Up Next....Gates of Petra...the pink

So yes ladies the pink is finally here.

Betty: The backline is very simple!Pink satin finish bra with organe beads and gold accents. The headpiece of gorgeous it also has a cape. This backline is simple and beatiful at the same time

Frontline! One of my options!!! Oh my godness I am loving the monokini absolutely loving it! and the size of the headpiece makes up for the simplicity of the costume.

Male: Ehhh...It a bit on the ordinary side.

Merchants of Venice...but wait a next green!

Something about this costume took me back to GHC but its another one of my favourites.

The betty: the costume nice, but it skimpy!!! My word!!! I love how the headpiece falls with the feathers cascading to shoulders....mimicking hair. I love it.

Frontline: The belt is gorgeous, totally blinged out and the backpiece is cute, small and easy to handle! This is great for a beginner or Intermediate FHO lol

Male: The mask concept is very much the total intriguing part of this costumes, its different!

Greece!! Greece is the word!

Now not only is Greece like my favourite destination I want to go to but it is now my favourite carnival costume. This one stole the show and I'll tell you why

betty: The placements of the rhinestones vertically coming down the bra cup and horizontally across is brilliant, the wrap belt is great, this costume is really suited for all shapes and sizes

Frontline A: Yes I put an A after it, because this section has 3 frontlines!!!! yup Greece doin it big!With the totally blinged out monokini, Tiara styles headpiece with major feathers and cape, this takes the no.1 spot on my list!!!!

Fronline B/ Indi: *dead* my God! That's all I have to alone!

Fronline C/ Male Indi : More like Frontline M for the males have a frontline or individual. and if I was a man I woulda totally go for it! nuff said

Male: I loved this costume another one of the best!

Morrocan Heat!!!!!

If I was a betty I playing in that for sure!!! The bra is awesome! doubling as bra and neck piece! The headpiece is gorg! Though part of it reminds me of touch from IP It is gorgeous

Frontline: *Showstopper....thats all I can say.I think it jsut bumped greece out of the number 1 spot


This costume is undersestimated and the models did it no justice!!!!!!!!

RATNAPURTA...ah get boff for that name lol

This costume screams fun!!! with the black base and multicoloured trimming, it has won me over.....who say spot number 3 on the lsit

Last but not least!

Ceyelon Pearls and Northern star

These stole the show...if only I used to wear white. Hoewever this costume looked at though it was a bit much for the models

Althought the presentation was good, the models weren't some really sold their costumes but others acted as though they either

  1. didn't want to be there
  2. were tired
  3. were vex
  4. didn't know what the hell to do!
  5. had the devil on their heels, because if you see how fast they moving

But other than that, I applaud Spice and It's designers..Richard and anthony blew us away!!! Registration starts in early August! So let me hear your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for review it is amazing. Loving alot of the costumes.This will be my 1st time playing in TNT and Spice have mi vote.

mimi said...

Thanks!That's good to hear!!! Make sure and look for me on the road!

Carnival Divaz said...

Rubies of mubai is definitely my moday costume. Moroccan heat fl and Caspain Sea FL. I really want an individual costume on tuesday.

vivia38 said...

I love Greece #1 ( hope the corset will be amazing), Thailand #2, mubai #2 (ahaha) Caspian sea #3...
I am really excited about SPICE this year!!!

cute dougla said...

great review mimi; spice did not disappoint. I loved all of the frontlines and the backlines are just as let's hear about the prices!!!

cute dougla said...

Btw mimi; what was the deal with the models...i heard that some were angry or scared or looked like men(the females)

mimi said...

seriously girl! they were either confused or scared the men where the ones angry... one girl was acting like its her show...and some just looked bored. like one of them stopped to discuss where to go next

Anonymous said...

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