Friday, July 31, 2009

Spice....yuh stickin

Over the past few days, my friends and I have been eagerly awaiting Spice's prices....but alas no prices...Last year the band also launches on the 19th which was a Saturday the website was up by the time I came home from the launch and prices were up by the Friday!!!!
So what happen this rounds? I've been nice but we about to go into August and registration is supposedly in Monday the 3rd! As in the Monday after this weekend and we have yet to get a message from Spice on anything regarding I'll say it again.... and this time not so nice....(takes a deep breath woosah mimi woosah) Spice where is the F@$%in prices...lmao


Carnival Divaz said...

I am still waiting on a response from Richard in regards to my costume, so i guess we are both in the same boat.

cute dougla said...

i thought it was just me...but we need to know the prices before registration!!!!

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